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by starburst
November 1, 2023

HOA Price Prediction for 2024: Will It Regain Its All-Time High?

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The Hex Orange Address (HOA) token is quite a new entrant on PulseChain. It was created as the answer to the SEC charges against Richard Heart and the potential scrutiny of the Hex Original Address. It managed to gain 12,000,000% in just 80 days since launch. The growing awareness, utility within the PulseChain community, and deeper liquidity are positive signs for the future. Here, we analyse factors influencing HOA’s price and give some predictions for the year to come.

HOA Overview

The HOA token was created in response to the FUD surrounding the HEX Origin Address, and soon after it was brought to the PulseChain community in X Spaces.

This is how the voice started to spread, and the memes filled with oranges showed up on the timelines of the
Pulsicans. The Staker Class was one of the first projects to enter into collaboration with the creator of HOA and offer free mint NFTs to HOA holders. This is how the snowball started rolling, and more projects and influencers joined what is now called Tang Gang and the Orange Grove. Tang Gang propelled the price to its all-time high on October 23rd. As the price cools down, Tang Gang doesn’t stop and is often called within circles the “billion dollar marketing agency”. So far, only Richard Heart could have a noticeable effect strong enough to have any influence on the price, but Tang Gang creates some ripples within the community. 

Tang Gang, with its HOA, is currently in collaboration with projects like: 

Other than on PulseX, it can be traded on PussyCat DEX.

HOA's Bear vs Bull case

The HOA token is now in the 40th position on the pulsecoinlist, with a $675.41K market cap.

It has $107.26K in liquidity and $14.23K in daily trading volume. At the time of writing on November 1st, the price is $0.0044 after finding support at $0.0038.

In the absence of a major breakout, though, the price looks to be heading down to $0.0031. A further downside move to $0.002 is on the line. The end of this month could oscillate in a range between $0.0038 and $0.0014. 


Once it hits the bottom, it has the potential to rebounce and hit an all-time high of $0.01 by February 2024.

The next year will be marked by the Bitcoin halving, which will greatly influence the entire crypto space. The historical price of Bitcoin after the halving always led to a bull run in the entire cryptocurrency market. There’s no reason to assume it will be any different.


HOA is one of the fastest-growing tokens on PulseChain. It’s considered a community token because there is no allocation to the team and the contract has no admin keys. The memetic culture and the chaotic atmosphere around PulseChain and Richard Heart at the launch of HOA are proof that the token can thrive in adverse conditions and actually recover from them. Tang Gang is a very passionate community driven by memes and fun. That is what made DOGE, SHIBA, or PEPE tokens worth billions in market capitalization. Tang Gang and the Orange Grove with the HOA token are signs of the power of collaboration on PulseChain, and that is what may be the main value.

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