Real Coin market cap with no crap! Circulating supply times price!

# Coin Name Price Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply All Time High
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we make no representations as to the accuracy of the information presented on this website. None of that information is suitable for anyone to make investment or any other types of decisions on. None of that information constitutes investment, tax or other advice. It is presented for purely entertainment and educational purposes.

The true lesson you should take from this page is that market capitalization is not a meaningful metric at all. It is, as Richard Heart says, a “vanity metric”, meaning that only the vain are concerned by it. The savvy realize it is worthless – the savvy would realize that the information on this page is worthless. Market capitalization analysis derives from the legacy financial system and is thought by many not to be appropriate in the cryptocurrency space. Instead, attributes like network effect; novelty; security; game theory; adoption rate; admin key presence; and Lindy effect, are, among many others, metrics which we invite you to study when you seek to evaluate blockchain innovations.

Moreover, the information on this page is sourced from at least three different APIs. We have organized the ranking in a manner that is entirely subjective and even frivolous. The organization of said ranking is not something you should rely on for any kind of meaningful analysis or investment decision –  it is presented for entertainment and educational purposes alone.

The broader lesson, however, is that you should not place any reliance on the ranking methodology of any website or service whatsoever.

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