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by CryptoKnight
December 18, 2021

What is PulseX | The Ultimate DEX of PulseChain

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Now we know PulseSwap will officially be called ($PLSX). The hype is over, what comes next, you ask? Well, now since we know the official name we can look forward to the upcoming sacrifice for, what you can expect.

First we need to learn about PancakeSwap and how it works to understand

Trade on PulseX:

PulseX is now LIVE on Testnet V2B!

Here’s some valuable information on what you need to know about PulseX launch. What tokens are approved and how to sacrifice through

Don’t rush take your time! Don’t make a mistake when making large transaction. We still don’t have all the instructions yet. When you rush to someone big like this — it could end up costing you big time. Read our instructional guide on how to sacrifice to PulseX correctly. We will be covering all approved tokens in due time.

The best practice is to stay diligent and listen to everything Richard Heart is tweeting about and follow instructions carefully. Today from Richard hearts twitter account he tweeted that the sacrifice for PulseX was live. Then he made a video and posted it on twitter. The final confirmation came from RichardsCalls telegram group. Over 300 members are on the voice chat correctly talking about the PulseX sacrifice phrase.

When writing this article you can see over $211m sacrifice official wallet. Incredible demand for the largest and most liquid DEX on PulseChain. HEX being the majority of the sacrifice token.

What is PulseX?

PulseX stands for Pulse Chain Exchange and is the most liquid AMM on Pulse Chain. Automated Market Makers (AMMs) allow digital assets to be traded automatically by using a Smart Contract and Liquidity Pools instead of a traditional market of buyers and sellers. This Decentralized Exchange enables users to exchange PRC20’s on PulseChain, functioning similar to Pancake Swap on Ethereum. PRC20’s function just like ERC20’s except they reside on the PulseChain. Rewards are given to Liquidity Pool Providers from fees charged for performing exchanges. 

Here’s a few questions and answers to help you better understand the PulseX from Day 1 to completion.

What’s the deadline for the PulseX sacrifice?

The Sacrifice Rate will increase the first time on January 10th 2022 at 0:00 UTC.

The World’s Largest Yield Farm

To provide liquidity to a DEX you need to deposit two different crypto currencies into a DEX, called a Liquidity Pair. Every time people swap between both of them you get a small fee as a reward. With PulseChain’s free airdrop of all ERC20s as PRC20s, holders can put both into PulseX’s liquidity pool to earn yield. PulseX is the first DEX ever in crypto history where people got half of their Liquidity Position for free.

Will PLSX fees be cheap?

PulseX will exclusively run on PulseChain, a brand new blockchain that is energy efficient, cheaper than every  other blockchain out to date, faster, deflationary fee-burning Ethereum Fork. PulseChain is increasing Ethereum value by sharing the network’s load. PulseChain increases the throughput of Ethereum 4x by using 3 second block times. Ethereum’s average block time is around 13 seconds.


For each trade on PulseX a 0.25% fee is paid: 0.17% goes to LP token holders (the users who provide the liquidity that enables the trade). 0.03% goes to the official PulseX treasury, 0.05% towards $PLSX buyback & burn.

PulseX Goals:

PulseX is a Uniswap fork with $PLSX Liquidity Provider incentivization. It’s goal is to provide PulseChain users with the best possible trading experience & yield farm.

PulseX is a fork of a fork. Pulse X  Vs.Pancake Swap Ecosystem and how it applies to PulseX.

How do I get involved:

  • Twitter: @richardheartwin
  • Instagram: @richardheartofficial
  • Telegram:

Frequently Asked Questions

What will PulseX be worth?

When you get airdropped PLSX they will be worth nothing. You won’t have to pay any taxes on that airdrop. Even though price discovery will happen very fast nobody knows what the price of PLSX after the first trade will be, although there are some predictions in the community – be careful with these, be realistic and consider the downside risks too. Be safe, be smart. 

Will PulseX be inflationary?

With the assumption that we are forking all the features and functionality it’s safe to say PLSX will be inflationary, but RH does have incredible game theory with everything he does, so expect some curve balls!

What does PulseX stand for?

PulseChain Exchange.

When will PulseX be released?

There is no fixed ETA yet. The sacrifice phase should start before the end of 2021. [UPDATE: it is now finished – you cannot sac for or buy PiulseX or PulseChain]

How many PLSX will be there? Supply?

The supply of PLSX will be determined by the total USD value that will be sacrificed.

What will PLSX be worth?

When you get airdropped PLSX they will be worth nothing. Even though price discovery will happen very fast nobody knows what the price of PLSX after the first trade will be.

Can I see the code?

Soon. TBD

Will I be able to stake my $PLSX?

Yes, but without time locks like HEX has. There will most likely be a single sided staking pool, similar to Pancake Swap and the “Cake” token.

Will I be able to store my PLSX in MetaMask?

Yes, you will only need to connect to PulseChain by switching the Network within MetaMask. Then you can see all your PRC20s including PLSX.

But WHAT is PulseX, what is it supposed to be?

The most liquid AMM on PulseChain PulseX is PulseChain’s DEX

PulseX is a Decentralized Exchange (“DEX”) that enables you to exchange tokens (“PRC20s”) on PulseChain for one another. For example you could swap PulseChain’s native token $PLS for PulseX’s token $PLSX. It works like Uniswap on Ethereum.

I still have questions! Where can I talk about PulseX?

Ask your questions to the over 10,000 people in the only official Telegram Chat.(you’re on it 🙂 No admin will ever direct message you! Richard Heart will never ask you for any money.

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Sacrificed to PulseX? Enter your 0x…Ethereum address and find out your estimated balance – SACRIFICE PHASE IS OVER – DO NOT SACRIFICE NOW

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