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October 21, 2021

How to Buy HEX

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Getting your crypto right could arguably be the best financial advice one could give in this financial era. And HEX can be the crypto asset that will enable financial freedom beyond anything one could have imagined.

Never has it ever been more important to get your crypto right in order to reach financial freedom.

How to buy HEX?

There are many ways to buy HEX. Some are more complicated than others and some are cheaper than others. Members of the community are finding increasingly creative ways to buy HEX, in an effort to reduce fees and lower friction.

The steps below represent some of the simplest ways to buy HEX that we are aware of. But, please feel free to join the Telegram  to ask us any questions or doubts you may have, or if you just want to know what our preferred way to buy HEX is. 

1. Install MetaMask

Let’s get started! On a desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox or Brave install the MetaMask wallet extension from 

It is strongly advised that you do not use MetaMask on a mobile device, since these are much more susceptible to hacks.

2. Buy ETH

You can buy Ether on MetaMask via the Wyre or CoinSwitch buy button. 

You could also buy ETH on a centralised exchange, such as Gemini or Coinbase, and then send the ETH to your MetaMask account.

3. Trade ETH for HEX

Visit, connect your MetaMask wallet & trade your ETH for HEX. Always leave some ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees. 

How much ETH you will need to cover gas fees varies according to the time of day and week, as well as the price of ETH at the time you are trying to buy your HEX. The fees can sometimes exceed $100 in ETH – this is partly why PulseChain is being invented, so that fees can be much lower.

Typically the best time to make any transactions requiring ETH gas would be times when America is asleep (eg Sunday morning).  


Secure your wallet!

We highly recommend securing your crypto with a hardware wallet such as Trezor. It is also possible to migrate your existing MetaMask wallet to a hardware Trezor wallet.

You can never be too safe when it comes to securing your crypto. Phishing schemes and scams are, quite unfortunately, a daily problem when it comes to industries that involve money…

Better safe than sorry!

Use ChangeNow!

Finally we recommend using ChangeNow. It has repeatedly been recommended by the Pulse and Hex community as a reliable tool to onboard the HEX token into our crypto portfolio.

It is extremely easy to use, has a straightforward user interface and enables on-ramping to crypto in a few minutes!

Get your crypto right!

We hope that this article was clear enough to get a better understanding of how to get started with HEX.

Remember, if you want to build up financial freedom, there is no better advice that you could immediately put to action than getting your crypto right!

So stop waiting and start making informed decisions! Our website provides extensive information on crypto assets, crypto security, HEX, PulseChain and more. We have all you need to take control of your crypto portfolio!

Please reach out to us on Telegram anything is left unanswered! is not affiliated with PulseChain in any form.

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