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by CryptoKnight
November 6, 2021

How To Use Metamask | Full Review

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What is MetaMask?

*** Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are volatile and those who invest in them should be prepared to lose all their money. NOTHING states, shares, expresses, or allude to should be considered financial advice or recommendations of action. This blog is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult a professional (or two…or more) for any tax, accounting or legal related questions you may have. Howtopulse did not receive any payments to write this blog or any other post on this site.***

MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet with the ability to interact with multiple blockchains. The proper way to access the MetaMask wallet is to download the extension to your browser. Browser recommendations are Chrome, FireFox and Brave browsers to interact with MetaMask.

Adding MetaMask extension to your browser:

Step 1 Log in to a secure web access.

Step 2 Go to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave)
Step 3 Type []( in the URL search
Step 4 Download the latest version of MetaMask according to your operating system
Step 5 Add extension to the browser
Step 6 In the top right corner of your browser, a single puzzle piece logo should appear. Click on the puzzle logo and select Metamask.
Step 7 Get started. Select Create new wallet
Step 8 Create a password
Step 9 Create a backup (reveal seed phrase)
Step 11 Confirm seeds on the next page by selecting each word in the order they were received.
Step 12 Start using Metamask to interact with your hardware device.

Why is MetaMask the preferred wallet for PulseChain?

The reason that MetaMask is the wallet of choice for the PulseChain Network is that it allows the addition of new blockchains by entering custom RPC settings.
Once you have downloaded the proper MainNet RPC settings, you simply will toggle from the Ethereum MainNet to the PulseChain MainNet to interact with your PulseChain coins and tokens.
Will I be able to access my PulseChain coins and PRC tokens if I have them in a harware wallet? Yes, by using MetaMask and toggling over to the PulseChan MainNet, your hardware wallet will interact with MetaMask the same way that it does now with Ethereum.
NOTE: Wallets, whether they are hardware or software based are not actual wallets. They are simply access ports to the blockchain. Your coins and tokens are not stored in the wallet. They are allways on the bllockchain. The wallet is simply a place to track what you own on the blockchain and perform transactions.

Changing custom RPC settings:

When you download metamask, it comes preloaded with several blockchain networks. When you do not see the network that you are looking for, Metamask offers a Custom RPC option. This stands for Remote Procedure Call (RPC). By adding RPC information in this field, you can add any network to MetaMask. You can find the custom RPC information for PulseChain at Gitlab @ or by visiting and searching for and following the prompts to connect your wallet. In, the RPC will autofill once you connect your wallet.
NOTE: This is for PulseChain TestNet (MainNet will be added when info is known)
Once you get PulseChain MainNet successfully added to your MetaMask account, you simply toggle between PulseChain and Ethereum networks.
Again, Once PulseChain launches and goes live, all MainNet information will be updated.
Network Name: PulseChain Testnet
Chain ID: 941
Currency Symbol: tPLS
Block Explorer URL:

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