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Official Addresses for Stablecoins and HEX from Ethereum

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DAI from Ethereum

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USDC from Ethereum

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USDT from Ethereum

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HEX from Ethereum

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WETH from Ethereum

PulseChain Bridge InterFace

Most Popular Charts on PulseChain

Make sure you Trade the right WPLS on Uniswap (ETH)

New WPLS on Ethereum:


When bridging WPLS you will end up with native PLS on the Pulsechain side

Old WPLS on Ethereum:


When bridging WPLS you will end up with native PLS on the Pulsechain side

Go to and paste the contract into the swapped token input.


By connecting to PulseChain through MetaMask, the network will automatically shift to PulseChain. Click the link to start the process.
Pulsechain Bridge The Official PulseChain bridge facilitates the transfer of assets between the Ethereum network to the PulseChain network.
PulseChain Coin List
Coin ranking site for PulseChain, stay updated on all assets and tokens including the upcoming new coins...
PulseChain Scan Explorer
The PulseChain explorer is a tool, similar to Etherscan, that allows you to view all transactions and activities on the PulseChain network.
Add PRC20 tokens to your wallet
When transitioning to PulseChain, use the PulseChain Sacrifice Checker tool to ensure all your tokens are added to MetaMask.
Compare ERC20 to PRC20
compare between your PRC20 to your ERC20 and make a better choice
Gas Tracker on PulseChain
When transacting on PulseChain, it's important to check the current gas prices on the PulseChain Mainnet using
Become A Validator
Interested in running a validator node and securing the network? Earn staking yield in PLS the native asset of PulseChain.
Portfolio Tracker On All Chains
Track your balance at anytime on all chains using this amazing site
PulseX Farms
Participate in PulseX Farms and earn 'inc' tokens as rewards. Click the link to learn how you can start farming.
PulseX Decentralized Exchange
Use PulseX to trade your PRC20 tokens smoothly and efficiently. It operates similarly to Uniswap, providing a decentralized platform for token swaps.
PulseX Buy & Burn
View the current amount of PLSX burnt forever. Select LPs to Buy and Burn PLSX

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