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What is HEX University?

HEX University seeks to provide educational content to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of the HEX smart contract. From the ins and outs of HEX game theory to the relevant tools and strategies investors can use to maximize their return, HEX University is here to provide the insights and information necessary for students of de-fi and crypto to reach unprecedented new heights. HEX University will deconstruct the HEX whitepaper piece by piece into engaging video content so that you can feel confident in your HEXpertise as you pursue your degree in HEXology. From T-Shares to Good Accounting, we want you to graduate with intimate appreciation for the coded opportunity of a lifetime. 

HEX University will combine the principles of finance with the value propositions of taking a position in HEX. You will be invited to question, challenge, and contribute to the curriculum. The more you engage, the more HEX University provides. Many aspiring HEXologists believe they have HEX figured out after a brief conversation with a fellow HEXican, and yet, PhD level HEXologists find new aspects of game theory every day, as the dynamics of the market and the passing of time shift the landscape surrounding HEX.

HEX University will not only cover the wealth of information that exists in the HEX smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, but also the airdropped HEX contract on the emerging PulseChain. What are the implications of symbiotic value propositions structured on uneven playing fields? What do you need to do to maximize your yield? How will you structure delaying your gratification in exchange for rewards beyond your wildest measure?

Class only begins in the philosophical realm. HEX University will also tackle the complex nature of technical analysis, on-chain analysis, and stake-statistical analysis. Enrol in class if you seek to understand what makes HEX, “a better Bitcoin…” – Richard Heart. If you wish to capture the monetization of time, our course materials will provide you with the roadmap to protecting your most highly appreciable asset, as well as the key to unlocking your most prosperous future.

HEX University leans on the wisdom and brilliance of OG HEXicans who have been mastering the details of HEX from long before anybody was able to purchase a single token. We will provide in-depth interviews with some of the best and brightest the HEX-ecosystem (Hexosystem) has to offer. From mathematical mastery to social empowerment, HEX University will serve as your premier institute of higher education in the world of decentralized finance.

Do you have what it takes to earn your undergraduate diploma in HEXology? Will you take your education to the level of obtaining your master’s degree? What is stopping you from one day ascending the intellectual ranks of HEXology to producing your very own PhD content for the most closely-knit community in crypto? HEX University stands to provide you with the tools and training to become master of your domain. Will you embrace the responsibility? How will your HEXican legacy impact the world around you? Find out, by enrolling FOR FREE, at HEX University.

Written by: Hex Orca, HEX University

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Who Are We?
Who Are We?

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What is HEX University? HEX University seeks to provide educational content to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of the HEX smart contract. From the ins and outs of HEX

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