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Pulsechain & Hex Memes

Here you can upload all your favorite Hex and Pulsechain memes so other people can share them

Alien PulseChain HEX
Hex boobs
PulseChain t-shirts
Hex pls winter
Hex fire cube
Wold of wallstreet Hex Gatsby Titanic
Skiing Skating Tongue HEx
Hot air balloon
Richard Heart flirting
hex glasses girl
PulseChain Airdrop
Hex Magician girl
Hex PLS beautiful girl
Richard heart tities
Hex puzzle man
HEX Blowing Richard Heart
HEX KERMIT Typewriter
hex pls crying booboo
hex pendant
Pulse Hex Walrus Free Willy
Island Boys Hex
HEX KERMIT Typewriter
Trump Pls President
PulseChain Kermit the Frog PLS

Here is step by step how to upload a GIF to HowToPulse.

NOTE: Why is this so important? Who has time for this? 
By doing so, you accomplish two things:
1. You just helped rank Hex in which gets tons of views for the search term “Hex” a day. 
2. you created a repository for people to come and share the amazing GIFs of Hex and Pulse online! All it takes is 2 minutes of your time.

Step 1: Download your favorite Hex/Pulse GIF from telegram (if you don’t have a link).
Step 2: Go to this website (create an account if you don’t have one).
step 3: Click on “upload” on the top right corner.
Step 4: Choose the right file type, usually mp4 or gif.
Step 5: Choose the file.
Step 6: Click continue, you will see options to add tags, it is best to enter something related to the gif.
Step 7: Tag examples: hex, pulsechain, hex coin, hex token (you can add multiple tags with, add comma between each)
Step 8: Upload your GIF , Click “Share” (Telegram icon) => “Copy GIF Link”.
Step 9: Add the URL in the form below.

Add Tags to Giphy


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