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November 15, 2021

How to use PulseChain V2b TestNet

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In this video, It talks about TestNet V2. We are currently in TestNet V2b. All of the instructions are the same but now refer to the V2b settings for Metamask.

How To Use PulseChain TestNet If you are an end user

  1. Open MetaMask extension on your browser
  2. Go to custom RPC settings
  3. Go to or and search PulseChain and select TestNet for RPC credentials.
  4. Enter the RPC credentials in the fields provided in MetaMask

5. Once you have the PulseChain TestNet activated in your networks, you will be on the PulseChain TestNet.

6. Go to and connect your wallet to claim 1 tPLS per 24 hours – 1 tPLS will appear in your wallet.

7. Now you can send tPLS from one wallet address to another.

8. Go to to run the stake function for delegating to validators in TestNet.

Want to use PulseX exchange on TestNet V2b?

Go to:

Want to swap using PulseX Exchange?

  1. Select Trade tab
  2. Select Exchange
  3. Put the token you have on the top line and how many tokens you want to swap.
  4. Put the token you wish to receive on the bottom line.
  5. The aggregator will give you an exchange rate.
  6. Confirm transaction
  7. Confirm in Metamask and Hardware device.

Want to provide Liquidity?

  1. Go to PulseX on TestNet.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Select the Trade Tab, then select liquidity.
  4. Select ADD liquidity.
  5. Add your tokens to both sides of the pool. The aggregator will show you how many of each token are in your wallet and the ratio of how many will be needed to provide liquidity.
  6. Confirm transaction in Metamask and with Hardware device.
  7. Earn PulseX LP tokens.

Want to stake your PLP tokens and Earn INC tokens?

  1. Go to Earn, Then Farms.
  2. Select the pair that you want to earn INC tokens in.
  3. Enable the Farm.
  4. Confirm in Metamask.
  5. Stake your PLP tokens.
  6. Earn INC tokens

Want to stake your PulseX tokens on a single sided application?

  1. Go to Earn.
  2. select POOLS.
  3. Select the PRT token details.
  4. Enable the pool.
  5. Confirm in Metamask and Hardware wallet.
  6. Add the amount of PulseX you wish to stake.
  7. Currently, it’s 10,000,000 PulseX.
  8. Confirm in Metamask and Hardware wallet.
  9. Earn PRT tokens.

PLEASE NOTE: The token currently being referred to as PRT token is a placeholder for 3rd party tokens. On MainNet, the PRT tokens will be multiple actual tokens that you can stake to Earn.

How to add PulseChain TestNet PRC tokens to MetaMask

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