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Frequently Asked Questions


You can NOT buy Pulse yet People trying to sell you “Pulse” right now are all Scammers. There are multiple ERC20 scam tokens named PLS. Do NOT buy those! You will be able to buy Pulse on the open market once the Mainnet launched.
Pulse aims to support ETH users. It’s not an “ETH Killer”. Instead it increases Ethereum’s value. Read more detailed goals on
Pulse has 0% inflation, there will never be more coins after launch. Validators only earn fees and 25% of the fees are burnt to reduce the circulating supply.
When rugpull? Founders are usually not dumb and they don’t kill the golden goose. They delay gratification. Richard Heart has been a retired Millionaire since 2003. If you assign the risk of a rugpull, what is your risk of a magic carpet ride? Some rich dude can just buy up something he likes and drive the price up for giggles.
Sacrifice Phase is over! It ended 03.08.2021 04:50 UTC Sacrifice Details here: What happens to the Sacrifice? You are sacrificing to prove how strong you believe that blockchains are speech and speech is a protected human right. This is an important political statement. You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others. You will not get any benefit from sacrifice and you won’t know what will happen to the coins in the future. You can however see and verify on-chain what is happening with the coins. To sacrifice means to give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.
The Sacrifice Phase is over, do NOT send any more coins! Pulse code can be found at 29.09.2021 Public Testnet is LIVE
Next Steps: Forkdate announcement (similar to Snapshot) TBD Mainnet launch & access to airdrop coins TBD Follow @Richardscalls and Richard on Twitter ( to stay updated!
Life-changing wealth creation comes with extreme price volatility. Many successful investors have had to withstand harsh price fluctuations. On its way to 6,000,000x returns in 12 years the Bitcoin price dipped 94%, 95%, 81%, and 86%, on some exchanges it flash crashed as close to $0 as possible. Amazon dropped 95% once too. Now it’s 50% of all Internet sales in the USA. In its first year, HEX’s price has dipped 81%, 73%, 59%, 67%, 87% and then gone on to make new all time highs. Price dips are often opportunities for the impatient to give their money to the patient. People that buy tops and sell bottoms hand their money to those that buy bottoms and sell tops. The same is likely to happen with Pulse. There will be wild price discovery after Mainnet launch. Noone knows what price or rations of all the coins will do. Pulse is about realistic expectations & no expectations from the work of others.
Pulse starts with 33 Nodes. Delegated proof of stake, daily vote. BTC has 5 Pools, ETH has 2 Pools, EOS & BSC have 21 Nodes. Preoptimisation is the root of evil. You need users before throughput, you only need more throughput with more users. If centralisation ever becomes a problem and governments start to kick in doors, nodes can simply be increased to 3000+.
ulse is not a security! A security is when you give money to a common pool with the expectation of profit solely from the work of others. There is no common enterprise, there shall be no expectation of efforts of a promoter or third party.
Pulse starts with a high supply by design. Pulse has no inflation and burns fees. It helps to start from a high value. People love affordable coins, they can appreciate more. Number bias is a thing. People prefer to buy 20 of something instead of 0.2. Amount of coins only moves the decimal point. There is a difference between total supply and circulating supply. Best Example are Satoshis coins. Ratios and onboarding of new users are more important than supply amount. The exact total supply of Pulse is not known yet. It depends on the Sacrifice set and should be somewhere in the order of 150 Trillion but might get adjusted before the Mainnet launch.

Pulse launches at 0 value for tax considerations.
In some jurisdictions receiving coins from airdrops is a taxable event. If you receive something at 0 value, it can still appreciate over time. Just because the value is 0 at launch doesn’t mean someone will sell it to you for 0.

There will always be a top 20 as long as there’s 20 coins of value. Whichever you thought don’t belong here, those are your investment blind spots. They went from nowhere to the top, making lots of people rich along the way. The difference between your desires and the market’s.
It’s hard to believe that the market wants things you don’t. Really hard. There’s a few coins on this list that I really do not like, however, I’ve had to learn humility and respect the market. The market will not change no matter how hard you yell, I tried.
The lesson is, if you’re in crypto to get rich or richer, you must respect these $500M to $1B market cap coins that came from NOWHERE. For they showed the highest ROI in the shortest time. If you don’t know how they did that, you don’t know how the next one will. Know thyself.
Pulse does everything better than Ethereum and supports it. An efficient market should value a better thing at least the same as time passes.

You can connect to PulseChain


Search PLS ( PulseChain )

Connect Metamask

Click 3 dots

View on

You’ll see your tokens, exactly how you see them on

TWAP stands for Time Weighted Average Price. 30 min TWAP is applied to the USD value of the sacrifice phase. This prevents abuse mechanics like spiking a coins price via short term loans and then sacrificing.
Bitcoin’s price went up the fastest when its liquidity was lowest. Ethereum’s price went up the fastest when its liquidity was the lowest. HEX’s price went up the fastest when its liquidity was the lowest. Pulse price …
Hex is the first high-interest certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Finished product, immutable, audited code, 40% APY on avg, no admin keys. It has increased over 3800x in price (before staking) and was founded by Richard Heart in 2019 who is now building Pulsechain. @hexcrypto @hextrading
When PulseChain launches Your ETH balance will get converted to PLS Your HEX balance will get copied and you will see the same HEX PulseChain
Yes you can, Your coins are not stored in your Ledger Nano, that is a key to the lock (blockchain) You will be able to view your coins ( possible on )
Any wallet that you own the seed phrase. NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR AIRDROP!
How to buy PLS when it launches? You will be able to buy PLS on PulseChain once they have a DEX (i.e. PulseSwap ) Then if PLS is listed on the ethereum blockchain ( uniswap ) you will see that as Wrapped PLS. So you have – wrapped pls on ethereum ( uniswap ) and other dexs – pls on pulsechain dex ( you can buy it with whatever PRC is paired with ) most popular one is going to be pHEX
First things first. All wallets are simply keys to access the blockchain. Your assets are not actually on your metamask or your trezor. They simply generate and store seed phrase, private keys and they generate the public addresses. The point of a hardware wallet is to generate new seeds from the device and not your computer or phone. When you use metamask to generate seeds, those seeds are exposed to your computer screen and are less safe. Not that we know this, we can answer the direct question. If you generated seeds from a metamask account, you would want to move your assets to a hardware device that generated seeds offline natively. If you have stakes or have sacrificed from that metamask account, you would want to migrate the seeds that were generated by metamask into the trezor using the advanced recovery method. If you only hold liquid assets in that metamak generated wallet, you would be best off my simply sending your assets from the metamask account to a new trezor with native generated seeds. Once you are 100% on hardware wallets, you would delete metamask account from your browser and start a new one with new seeds. This metamask will be called your dummy wallet and is only used to connect the trezor. Metamask is recommended because it has the ability to change to custom rpc settings to see the pulsechain mainnet. Please see blog on this website
No. The freemium 30 day pullback has been removed. All pls tokens that end up in your wallet will stay there. You do not have to move any of them.

How many X can Pulse appreciate?
BTC did 6,000,000 X, ETH did 14,000 X, Hex did 3,800 X (before staking). Pulse is faster, cheaper, fee-burning & energy efficient. Nobody knows what the price will do. Do not expect profit from the work of others.

Will Stablecoins Have Value On PulseChain ?

Do I have to move Pulse within 30days? If you had ETH at forkdate you will receive 1:1 Freemium as Pulse. Pulse does not reward apathy. Freemium Pulse will be deleted after 30 days if not moved. The network can’t discern between Freemium Pulse and Sacrifice Pulse. Depending on the amount of freemium Pulse and gas cost, it might be worth it to move all Pulse to a new a address before the 30 days are up, then move the Pulse back. PRC20 don’t get deleted and don’t need to be moved.

Sacrifice Volume Bonus Multiplier Calculations made by the community:

Sacrifice Phase is over! It ended 03.08.2021 04:50 UTC

MarketCap (or “MCap”, short for “Market Capitalization”) is defined as Price * Circulating Supply. It is a vanity metric used to compare the sizes of Crypto Currencies. Coin ranking sites ( use this for example. You can not make money on the MarketCap because you can not place orders on the chart. It is not a price ceiling: Only because Bitcoin’s MCap is XYZ$ another Crypto can still reach a higher MCap at any time. There are retail companies that have a higher mcap than all of crypto.
What is the “OA”? OA stands for “Origin Address” which is an Ethereum Address (0x9A6a414D6F3497c05E3b1De90520765fA1E07c03) that is part of the HEX ecosystem. The OA has been a benevolent entitiy that protected the hex price since Hex inception and its daughters sacrificed billions. Most profitable time to buy BTC was when Satoshi owned 100% of the Supply. Same for ETH, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google, etc. Founders of all these are usually not dumb and they don’t kill the golden goose. They delay gratification. Do NOT send any crypto to it! More about HEX at @HEXcrypto and OA audit in @hextrading

I see a lot of people interest in how I got rich and retired! This should answer a lot of questions! This also answers your drama questions regarding scams and identities and more!

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