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by CryptoKnight
November 4, 2021

MetaMask to Trezor Migration

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Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Go to and order new device by clicking on “Get Your Trezor”. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYWHERE ELSE

Step 2: Once you have your Trezor, make sure the box was not tampered with. Open the box. Verify that the device has the holographic seal. Once you are sure that the device is authentic and untampered with, go to step 3.

Step 3: Plug in your Trezor and go to and click on “I already own Trezor”.

Step 4 On the next screen (, click on the green bar in the middle of the screen that says “Get Desktop App”.

Step 5: Open Trezor Suite and Begin Setup


Recovering The Wallet

Step 6: Choose “Recover Wallet”

Step 7: Choose “I’ve never used this Trezor”. This will run a validity check of the device.

Step 8: Install/Update Firmware (Follow prompts) 

IMPORTANT!!!! Check Fingerprint during the firmware update. Verify every letter and number and make sure they match. (If out of date)

Step 9: After the firmware update is complete click on “Recover Wallet” and follow instructions on the Trezor device.

Step 10: Select the number of words in your existing seed phrase (MetaMask=12 words)

Step 11: Select Advanced Recovery and follow instructions on your Trezor device

Trezor Word Selection

Entering the Seed Phrase

Step 12: This step is a bit confusing at first but it becomes easier as you get familiar with the process. As shown in the picture, there is a grid of letters or groups of letters on a 3×3 tile grid making up 9 boxes on the Trezor (Model 1). In Trezor Suite, there is the same 3×3 tile grid on your computer screen with dots in them rather than letters. Those boxes represent the boxes on the Trezor as you see them. You will pick the box that has the first letter of your first word. After that box is selected, you will pick the box with the 2nd letter of the first word and so on. Usually after 2 or 3 letters, 1-6 words will appear in the boxes on the Trezor. Your 1st word should be one of those words. Pick the box that contains your word and move on to the 2nd seed word and so on until you’ve entered all of your words in your seed phrase. Enter the words in order as they were recorded when given from previous wallet creation. (ie. MetaMask)

The Model T is a bit simpler to set up as it has a full touch screen and you actually just type the letters on the Trezor Model T screen directly. The configuration is similar to typing out text from a phone keypad. Press the key the number of times it takes to get to the letter. For example, if you wanted a “D” you would click the DEF box 1 time. If you wanted the “F” you would press the DEF 3 times and continue that process for all letters.

After the last word is entered and confirmed, the Trezor suite will say Recovery Completed.

Trezor One Type Recovery Seed
Trezor Recovery Seed
Trezor Mnemonic

On To Trezor Suite

Step 13: Enter Trezor Suite.

Step 14: Create PIN. Enter twice. Click Complete setup.

Step 15: Enter Trezor Suite. Set up the settings as needed in the suite. Name your device.

Step 16: At the top of the Suite, click on “Accounts”. You will have the option to set up a standard wallet or hidden wallet. This is a choice that you can make to create hidden wallets by adding a passphrase to your seed words. If you choose to use hidden wallets, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE PASS PHRASE IS ESSENTIALLY A 25TH WORD TO YOUR SEED AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED AND SECURED.

Step 17: Click on the + sign next to My Accounts and add the blockchain desired from the list. (PulseChain is on the Ethereum account)

Step 18: If you chose a pass phrase, you will only be able to see the hidden wallets by entering the pass phrase each time you connect your wallet to Trezor suite or MetaMask. You can now connect hardware device to a new instance of MetaMask. (See instruction to connect hardware device to Metamask)

Step 19: If you chose standard wallet, you are done.

Step 20: Download and run the Trezor Bridge

Step 21: You can now connect the hardware device to a new instance of MetaMask. How to use MetaMask


You have just completed the migration from MetaMask to Trezor. Now go and enjoy life securely!

MetaMask to Trezor migration

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