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December 5, 2021

Accessing PLS Tokens With Wallets Other Than MetaMask

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Accessing PLS Tokens With Wallets Other Than MetaMask 

The Pulse Chain Network (PLS) has as one of its core tenets the principle of “self-custody”. Investors were invited to sacrifice tokens as a political act to the PLS sacrifice address or to the SENS Foundation, a registered charity focused on longevity research. Those people – “sacrificers” – who sacrificed their crypto assets were awarded pulse “points” that will, we hope, translate to PLS tokens once this exciting new blockchain is launched. Please note that the period in which one could sacrifice crypto assets is now technically over. This article explains the process of accessing PLS tokens with wallets other than MetaMask. 

The process of accessing PLS is substantially the same in MetaMask as in all other ERC20 wallets. PLS tokens will be airdropped to investors who sacrificed their assets to the PLS sacrifice address (or SENS). Investors will receive their PLS tokens in the same wallet and account address from which their sacrifices were made. This means that sacrificers have very little to do in order to receive their PLS. Once the project is launched, PLS will be sent to the sacrificers in the form of an airdrop directly to the coordinates from which the sacrifice was made. People who made sacrifices must be sure to retain access to the wallet and the address from which the sacrifice to PLS was made, as this is the only address to which their PLS will be sent. In the event of a lost address the investor will have no way of accessing their PLS. Investors who participated in airdrops in the past will be familiar with this process.

You can simply go into the wallet and account from which the sacrifice was made and the balance of PLS due will appear in that address on the day of the launch of PLS. In the event the PLS is not in the wallet investors can click on the “Add Token” function in their wallets and type PLS to add the PLS to their account. This should result in the PLS allocation appearing in the wallet. Some people may need to click on the function in their wallet that allows to import a “Custom Token” In order to accomplish this the investor will need to copy the PLS contract address from a site the list PLS. Once the contract address is copied it must be pasted into the address portion of the “Custom Token “field. The remaining fields will autofill and this will then allow  investors to see their PLS token in their wallets. The contract address is not yet known. Please join the Pulsechain telegram group and stay tun3 for details closer to the time: got to Beware of scam forums.

As stated above, accessing PLS tokens in all wallets that were used to make the PLS sacrifice should be automatic as a result of the airdrop on the launch date, which is currently unknown, Should tokens not appear in wallets investors may have to add the tokens by selecting the “Add Token” function in their wallets. In the first instance, simply typing PLS in the “Add Token” field will cause the PLS to appear.  If, however, this does not work the investor may have to copy the PLS contract address from a site that lists PLS and paste the address into the token address field in their ERC20 wallet. This process will result in the investors being able to access their tokens in MetMask Wallets and other ERC20 wallets other than MetaMask used to make the sacrifice to PLS.

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