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by starburst
October 17, 2023

The secret sauce of Tang Gang and HOA

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Richard Heart’s major success was to create a huge and strong community around himself. A slow PulseChain launch and the subsequent troubles with the SEC caused the prices to crash and the activity to dwindle. But fear not because there’s Tang Gang, a thriving community of Pulse enthusiasts who have forged a unique path with their signature orange memes, the HOA token, and a commitment to mutual benefit. Their secret sauce lies in their unwavering dedication to fostering a welcoming environment for all while actively supporting various projects within the ecosystem. Now, we uncover the ingredients that make this movement so special.

What is Tang Gang

Tang Gang is not just another crypto community; it’s a vibrant and passionate collective of individuals who share a love for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, especially for HEX and PulseChain. Members of the Tang Gang community are bound together by a sense of camaraderie, fun, and a shared vision of a better Pulsechain ecosystem. This is a community that has effectively harnessed the power of unity and positivity within the crypto space.

Created as a joke by a member called @toos_pooky, Tang Gang gained lots of attention from the HEX community as well as from some of the most prominent influencers in the ecosystem. The idea was born when Joe Biden often misspelt his speeches. @toos_pooky thought about creating a meme in which he misspelt the Hex Origin Address into the HEX Orange Address. This is how the idea of a juicy orange and the HOA token came into existence.

Around this token, a collective of people called the Tang Gang embodied positivity, authenticity, and shared interests in making Pulsechain great.

What is HOA, and what's the suppl

HOA is the core token associated with Tang Gang. Its total suply is 151,811,475 tokens, and 99% of the initial supply was put in a liquidity pool, and later on, a part of the HOA tokens were burned. This is in stark contrast to most of the tokens on PulseChain, which usually have large allocations reserved for the founders. The relatively low supply of HOA lends it an exclusivity that resonates with the community’s ethos of quality over quantity.

The Main Force Behind Tang Gang and HOA

The driving force behind Tang Gang and HOA is their unwavering belief in creating a positive and welcoming community where individuals come together to share knowledge, engage with memes, and actively support each other.

Unlike many crypto communities that focus solely on financial gains, Tang Gang emphasises the importance of personal growth and collective well-being. The main focus is put mainly on participation, which fuels on-chain and off-chain activity spreading the message about projects, Tang Gang and the HOA itself. The use of the orange emoji and memes filled with oranges and orange colours is a powerful marketing tool for attracting attention and fostering positive emotions.

The signature orange memes represent a visual manifestation of the shared culture that brings the community together. These memes reflect the spirit of inclusivity and fun that is intrinsic to the Tang Gang experience. Despite this movement starting recently and having a relatively small number of people on Telegram, it is frequented by some of the most influential personalities within the Pulsechain ecosystem

Who are the main people involved in the Tang Gang

Besides the founder, key figures who play an instrumental role in Tang Gang include individuals like @Toos_pooky,@bullish0x,@OrangeGooey,@DavidJamesOne,@TedDefiase,@hexorangutan,@dbunny19_,@spectralmana,@OleRazzleDazzle, @graviton@Greg0r369 and others who actively participate in community discussions, guide newcomers, and help foster a sense of belonging within the group. The community thrives because of the dedication of these key figures, who ensure that the core values of Tang Gang are upheld. Tang Gang is talked about by people like Garry Woods or Moon King B-Roots and his Shill Tank. The NFT artist, Mana, is one of the main faces of Tang Gang and the creator of a dedicated orange NFT collection.

The Most Successful Campaign Run by Tang Gang

One of the most remarkable campaigns orchestrated by Tang Gang revolves around the promotion and support of various projects through positive engagement and memetic marketing. The community’s ability to create a viral effect that attracts more people to their fold has been nothing short of remarkable. Grove Girls Juice Drop, with 369 juicy NFTs created by Mana, has a floor of 3,5 million PLS. Richard Honky Free Mint or PEPE NFT on Pulse Free Mint are other examples of projects that decided to make a drop and play along with Tang Gang.

Tang Gang as a Reflection of Metcalfe's Law

Metcalfe’s Law posits that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of its users. Tang Gang is a perfect embodiment of this law. The positive feedback loop they have created fosters a thriving and growing community that benefits everyone involved. The more the community grows, the stronger and more valuable it becomes. A project alone has a limited reach, but with Tang Gang, it automatically becomes amplified by the hundreds of mouths with their oranges in their Twitter and Telegram profiles. And what unites them is the HOA token as an embodiment of the spirit of the community they created. This orange economic energy spills over social media and YouTube, becoming the motor and a marketing engine where each individual, through their selfless help, receives an incentive in the form of more economic power flowing to HOA and Pulsechain.

Marketing Through Tang Gang: The Secret to Success

Tang Gang’s unique marketing approach relies on a combination of engaging content, fun memes, and social enforcement. They create an environment where members willingly and passionately participate, which, in turn, attracts new members. The genuine enthusiasm for crypto and community support in Tang Gang’s marketing strategies sets them apart. Some say that Tang Gang is a multibillion-dollar marketing agency, which is an exaggeration with the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But what is the secret sauce behind Tang Gang? It’s a magic mixture of meme culture, HOA tokens, influencers, and, most of all, a lot of fun to be in the community. Exposing a project to Tang Gang means that within a short time all PulseChain knows about it and the memes start flowing around and the best part is that it’s all organic like oranges from the grove.

How a Project Can Benefit from Tang Gang

Projects that find themselves in the orbit of Tang Gang can enjoy enhanced visibility, support, and liquidity. The community’s social enforcement mechanism ensures that the projects they support receive genuine interest and engagement, paving the way for potential success. More eyeballs increase the possibility of someone providing liquidity to their token. Offering free mint with the orange stamp all over it means uniting forces with the orange army. Projects featured on the Tang Ganf website are whitelisted for minting HOA exclusives. The participants need to have the requisite tokens or NFTs in one of their wallets to be qualified for the free mint. It’s all about participation, and these requirements are the best way to foster it. There usually is a deadline (snapshot) to fulfil these requirements, so there’s also urgency of time, which is a potent motivator in the marketing world.

The Power of Orange Memes

When compared to how influential figures like Elon Musk or tokens like Dogecoin have leveraged memes, Tang Gang’s orange memes stand out due to their authenticity and grassroots nature. These memes are not just marketing gimmicks; they represent a genuine community culture and shared values, making them relatable and endearing to their audience. Memes are what made Dogecoin one of the most popular coins, and they’re also the favourite communication tool of Elon Musk. There’s power in them, and everyone knows that. This power is now in the hands of Tang Gang.


Tang Gang and HOA have successfully carved out a unique niche within the crypto world by embracing positivity, mutual support, and a sense of shared culture. They are a living example of how a community can thrive when bound by common values and interests. The power of their orange memes and their dedication to the principles of Metcalfe’s Law further solidify their position as a vibrant and successful community. In the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrencies, Tang Gang shines as a beacon of unity and authenticity.

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