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Project Overview
by starburst
June 5, 2023

PulseCoinList the CoinMarketCap of PulseChain

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CoinMarketCap is probably the most visited website in the whole crypto space. It provides users with the most basic information about coins and tokens. However, people often look for  more focused data, and this is where PulseCoinList comes into play. It’s the CMC of the PulseChain ecosystem, and you’ll find here only chain specific PRC-20 tokens and nothing else. 


PulseCoinList, or PCL, lists all PRC-20 tokens. You can easily see their market cap, price, price change within 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week, and volume, and you also have a link to PulseX where you can trade the token.

The website also features a section where you can compare two versions of tokens: ERC-20 and PRC-20. PulseChain is a copy of Ethereum, and all the smart contracts were copied. That’s why these PRC-20 tokens have their respective pairs on Ethereum, although they’re not the same token and aren’t interchangeable. It’s interesting to see that some tokens like HEX, HDRN, or WBTC have a higher price on PulseChain than on Ethereum.

PLC also provides a tool named Airdrop Checker. It checks the value of your copied tokens. This tool will save you time researching the token contract and checking for its value on PulseX

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