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Project Overview
by starburst
October 31, 2023

What are the Staker Class and Crypto Phunks NFTs

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CryptoPunks is the perfect success story of a product released for free and gaining traction to reach millions of valuation. Although it’s not the first NFT collection released on Ethereum, it paved the way for the NFT art movement, which has since exploded in popularity. The Staker Class 5555 and Pulse Phunks are two NFT projects launched for the Hexican and Pulsican communities as an attempt at creating a movement comparable to that of the original Punks.

The uniqueness of CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks were released in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain as a collection of 10,000 pixelated images. Despite their rudimentary graphics, they exploded in popularity, creating a community of passionate and engaged people. Their uniqueness creates a particular market where everyone tries to buy a Punk they could identify with, which creates, in turn, a sense of belonging to a unique digital art subculture. As their value grew, they became a status symbol, a Rolex of a kind to flash out on Twitter and Telegram. It’s not just the value that matters, but also the scale of someone’s OG-ness in crypto circles. CryptoPunks was a millennial step forward in blurring the lines between art, technology, and finance, attracting forward-thinking people from outside the blockchain circle. It was also a great example of democratization of access to art collecting, which was limited to auction houses and is now available to anyone at the touch of a finger.

The Staker Class

The Staker Class is the collection to serve as the PFP collectible for the Hex and PulseChain communities. It was launched first as a limited series of 55 custom-made NFTs on Polygon and then on Ethereum in July 2022. The Ethereum collection counts 5,555 Hexicans, and the total volume is 25 ETH. The floor is currently at 0.0079 ETH. They were created in an atmosphere of distrust towards NFTs. The Hexican community was mostly against trading jpeg images, so it took some time to gain trust. The Staker Class was created to resemble CryptoPunks but with the HEX logo’s distinctive colours.

HEX Phunks

CryptoPunks gained so much popularity that someone thought of relaunching the collection under the name CryptoPhunks, and the Punks turned their heads to the left side instead of the right. The Staker Class had exactly the same idea, and he decided to launch HEX Phunks, turning to the left. The collection counts 10,000 unique NFTs and has a trading volume of 16 ETH and a 0.0045 floor price.

Pulse Phunks

Following the success of CryptoPhunks, the Staker Class creator decided to launch a collection for the Pulsican community. They, too, face left and wear the colours of PulseChain. There are some diverse PulsePhunks too. It’s possible to find vampires, zombies, and aliens. There are some headronian phunks and one deadpool. Pulse Phunks has its own marketplace, allowing anyone who owns a PulsePhunk to list without any additional fees, excluding a standard gas fee.

The Tang Gang collaboration

Staker Class started creating these NFT collections as a way to get the HEX community out there and into the world. He saw the power of using NFTs as PFPs (profile pictures) in spreading awareness about the project, attracting attention, and ending the tribalism so widespread within the crypto space. He saw that NFTs can break the barriers and even foster collaboration easier than it’s done with fungible tokens.

They stand for freedom and anti-censorship and onboarding from other communities through collaboration. This is also how his collections came to be a part of the Tang Gang collaborative initiative of passionate people. Tang Gang gets the projects out to the community. With the power of orange-filled memes, the voices of some of the most hard-core PulseChain members, and free mints exclusive solely to the HOA holders, this gang is doing the hard work of driving engagement and positivity to the builders and artists. The NFTs belonging to the Staker Class ecosystem are now included in different free mint initiatives, and getting some may be indispensable to participating in these limited events. CryptoPunks has shown that rarity and scarcity matter and can be worth millions, and one can never know if something that was taken for free will not turn into a gem.

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