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Project Overview
by starburst
October 22, 2023

PussyCat Farms and Staking on PulseChain

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Latest News

Meet PussyCat Farms, a venture that has gained notoriety within the PulseChain community, and no, it’s not a typo. PUSSY Farms bring a unique twist to the world of decentralized finance on Pulse, taking inspiration from our furry friends, cats but not only.

PussyCat Farms with the PUSSY token

At first glance, PussyCat Farms may seem like an unconventional name for a crypto project, but its distinctiveness is part of its charm. This venture is all about creating a community-driven, meme-inspired ecosystem on PulseChain. The brainchild of crypto enthusiasts, PUSSY token founders are looking to collaborate with various decentralized exchanges (dex) and yield farms on the PulseChain network. They’re on a mission to bring something fresh and unique to the crypto world, with cats leading the way.

The team behind the PUSSY token actively reached out to multiple dex and yield farm projects on PulseChain, expressing their eagerness to collaborate. However, the response they received was not as enthusiastic as they had hoped for. When PUSSY creators didn’t get desired answers from these projects, they decided to create their own PussyCat Farm and start farming cat tokens and helping other projects.

The Memecoin PUSSY Farms

PussyCat Farms believes that, despite its unconventional name, it could be a game-changer for their project. As a memecoin, PUSSY embodies the spirit of fun and creativity that PussyCat Farms want to promote within the crypto community. The team behind PUSSY Farms has high hopes for a collaboration with other token creators, viewing it as an opportunity to establish themselves as a legitimate venture in the crypto space.

The PussyCat Farms team’s determination to collaborate with various dex and yield farms stems from their commitment to building a vibrant and supportive community. They’ve taken inspiration from the Tang Gang, a community with their own project and a pro-meme attitude in the form of the HOA token.

What makes PUSSY Farms stand out is their community-first approach. They avoid obnoxious shills and focus on genuine, meaningful contributions to the crypto world.

Unity in Diversity: Crypto Ventures Amplifying Each Other

One aspect that sets PussyCat Farms apart is their belief in unity within diversity. In the world of crypto, every project has its own unique offerings and characteristics. The beauty of this space lies in the fact that these projects can coexist and, at times, even amplify each other’s impact. This is the mindset of Tang Gang and PussyCat was adopting that mindset from the very beginning by contributing to their Twitter Spaces and Telegram.

The PUSSY Farms team recognizes the importance of cooperation in the crypto world. Each project can focus on its own goals while supporting others. With the right collaborations at the right time, they believe that crypto ventures can amplify each other by a factor of 10,000 or more.

Token Burning

PussyCat said in the Tang Gang Telegram group that they want to maintain a strong commitment to transparency. They stated that they will set clear guidelines for their token usage, ensuring that every token serves a specific transparent purpose. Any tokens that aren’t allocated to specific purposes are destined to be burnt. This commitment to token burning aligns with their belief in responsible and ethical crypto practices.

There’s a plan to entrust the ownership of the contract to the master-chef, ensuring that the team cannot access it in the future. This decision was made to prevent any future minting of tokens, promoting transparency and trust within the community. It’s a proactive measure to ensure that tokens aren’t created arbitrarily, adding to the project’s credibility, however, before renouncing the team wants to make sure that everything is set properly because once the contract is renounced, it can’t be changed anymore.

PussyCat acknowledges that various activities within the crypto space, such as bootstrapping liquidity pools, require tokens. While they’re committed to burning unnecessary tokens, they also recognize the opportunity cost involved in waiting. Typically, the highest yields in farming protocols are available at the start of a project. This foresight ensures that they balance token burning with the need for tokens in farming activities.

Token contract is verified on chain and can be viewed here.

The Future of PussyCat Farms

PussyCat Farms has set its sights on expanding its ecosystem by adding more farming opportunities. They plan to onboard all Tang Gang coins into their farming community, fostering collaboration within the crypto space. Additionally, they’re considering the possibility of increasing fees once all Tang Gang members are firmly positioned within the farming ecosystem.

While it’s true that many farming protocols have a limited lifespan, PussyCat Farms believes that with the right conditions, their project could offer profitable yields for a long time. They’re dedicated to innovating and improving their protocol’s longevity, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for the community.

The excitement surrounding PUSSY Farms, combined with the active participation of the crypto community, has brought their token close to an all-time high. This success is a testament to the power of community-driven projects, with PUSSY Farms at the forefront.

In conclusion, PUSSY Farms, with its unique approach and commitment to transparency, is making waves in the crypto world. The collaboration with 9inch and their dedication to building a strong and supportive community showcases their innovative spirit. As the crypto space continues to evolve, PUSSY Farms is a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, even if it comes with a touch of feline charm.

The juicy Orange Grove (OG) yield

Single sided staking has been a long awaited feature on PulseX but finally it’s PussyCat to bring it to the community.

It’s possible to stake tokens like HEX, PLS, NBC, or PUSSY to get an impressive APY and earn the Orange Grove (OG) token. PUSSY pool yields 284.35% of OG and  the HEX pool yields 183.55%. The deposit fees vary from 1 to 4%.

The OG incentive token mimics INC of PulseX. Its function is to incentivize users to lock up tokens in pools and to provide liquidity. The plan for OG was not yet revealed but the price is having a positive uptrend. It could also be that the OG token will be used to vote on which projects should receive the rewards.

pussycat staking

The incentive token can be also earned by  providing liquidity and  participating in farming. “The Orange Grove” is the only yield farm protocol on PulseChain to use V2 pools so you can earn fees+yield.  The Tang Gang pairs and other tokens have been included as first to get the incentive. The goal is to create deep liquidity and raise awareness about the tokens people love.  The idea of an Orange Grove farm is a perfect fit for the continual Tang Gang references showing how important it is to create partnerships and building the community.

Please make sure you understand the strategies and risks associated with yield farms before participating and let us know if you have any questions. We would love your feedback on the new protocol. Keep also in mind that the contracts ownership hasn’t been renounced and the contracts aren’t audited. Stay safe and know the level of risk you’re ready to take.

Nothing in this article or website is financial or taxation advice. For advice on these matters, please contact a registered professional adviser.

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