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by starburst
May 2, 2024

DWB memecoin more popular than DOGE or PEPE

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Bitcoin is in the bull market, sending the altcoins to new highs, but this time there’s even more memecoins than before. They launch daily and go down as quick as they rise. Only a few memecoins, such as DOGE or PEPE, can withstand the test of time, but on Pulsechain, the memecoin season is unique. DOGE and PEPE have not enjoyed as much success as elsewhere, and our in house made memcoins perform much better. Dick Wif Butt, going by the ticker DWB, has made 635% from the low, and it’s still going strong.

What is Dick Wif Butt

Dick Wif Butt is a remake of the  iconic interent character Dick Butt, a humanoid penis with a butt for balls and a smaller penis in the butt. It originated in K.C. Green’s webcomic “Horribleville” in 2006, and similarly to PEPE, it quickly spread across the internet, particularly on platforms like 4chan and DeviantART. The character is mostly liked for its absurd humor. Over the years, “Dick Butt” has been depicted in various forms and contexts, maintaining its status as one of the more enduring internet memes.Today, it persists and makes its entry on Pulsechain to bring hilarious humor and sarcasm.

The DWB token has quickly gained popularity within the Pulse community, especially Tang Gang, known for a series of successful launches and their strong community-building and marketing capabilities. It is a classic meme, not as big as other well-known memes like Pepe or Doge, but still very well known. The DWB token is often used to fight battles with other Pulsicans, whose heavy artillery is the Dick Wif Butt memes.

The token was created without any presale and is working without any tax on transfers.

The price performance of DWB is very good and quite different from other memecoins. Memecoins or tokens have no utility, any other backing, or future development plans. They just exist. They exist as long as the community supports them, so creating the right culture is the main purpose of these coins. It is believed that DWB inherits the chart from the community that is knowledgeable about liquidity pools, and the belief is that the early buyers don’t dump their coins on the heads of the newcomers.

DWB is traded mostly on the 9mm DEX. It fosters Uniswap V3 liquidity pools where concentrated liquidity can be created and tokens can be sold by setting up such a single-sided liquidity pool position rather than dumping directly on the market and ruining the chart.

From this point on, there’s still 20x to reach a $100 million market cap. Is it a lot? Not so much for a memecoin. 

Solana and Base are the best examples of exponential growth and overnight successes. The point is to have a meme coin like DOGE or PEPE that will not be a one night stand but rather a long term internet culture token. It is yet too early to know if DWB can be such a long-term memecoin with wide cryptosphere recognition, but it would seem that it is moving in the right direction.

Dick Wif Butt is a strong meme; early users have figured out how to use liquidity pools to take the profit instead of market selling pushing the price down; TangGang and other Pulsechain community members are creating strong support; and DWB is one of the best known memecoins on Pulsechain with the highest volume. Yet, it is still a memecoin so stay healthy and play for fun.

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