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by starburst
November 9, 2023

From Desperation to Inspiration: How NFTs saved Alfonso Morales’ Life and Brought Him to PulseChain

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In a world where uncertainties loom large, stories of resilience and triumph against all odds shine like beacons of hope. One such inspiring narrative unfolds in the life of Alfonso Morales, a Venezuelan public accountant, whose journey from illness to recovery serves as a testament to the transformative power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In this article, we shine a light on the groundbreaking collaboration between Alfonso and NFTonPulse, a marketplace on the PulseChain network, illustrating the broader impact of NFTs in fostering positive change.

The backstory

Alfonso’s story begins in a small town in Venezuela, where he pursued a career in accounting, dedicated to serving companies and state organizations. Two years ago, a routine visit to a public health center for gallbladder pain turned into a nightmare, leaving him with chronic kidney failure.

Faced with deteriorating health and the limitations imposed by his condition, Alfonso found himself tethered to a dialysis machine every two days, navigating the crumbling infrastructure of Venezuela. The economic turmoil in the country exacerbated his struggles, with meager wages, hyperinflation, and supply shortages. Life was becoming increasingly difficult. A kidney transplant was his chance to return to normality, but it was prohibitively expensive. Alfonso’s sister found a more affordable option in Colombia costing $5,500, not including additional expenses. The wage of a public employee was around $2–4, and it wasn’t enough to pay for the transplant.

The dive into NFTs

In the midst of these challenges, Alfonso made a bold decision to change his life trajectory. Embracing the world of cryptocurrencies, he recognized the potential of NFTs as a market for his artistic talent. Despite having never delved into this realm due to financial constraints, Alfonso embarked on a journey that would not only save his life but also reshape his destiny.

The turning point came when he discovered NFT markets, starting with NFT Showroom built on Hive and later moving to AirNFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. Alfonso began creating and selling digital artworks with a clear objective – to raise funds for a life-saving kidney transplant. The challenge was significant; the prices of NFTs in this market were low, and Alfonso had to produce a substantial volume to meet his financial goal.

As the story unfolded, Alfonso’s determination and creativity attracted support from the online community. Donations poured in, enabling him to cover travel expenses and medical costs for a transplant in Colombia, where he found a more affordable option.

The successful intervention was a turning point in Alfonso’s life. His health improved, and he transitioned from being a public accountant to a full-time NFT artist, proving that sometimes unconventional paths lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Morales comes to PulseChain

However, Alfonso’s journey did not end with his recovery.

In a surprising twist, he found new opportunities in the NFT space. He was invited to Foundation  listed in the top 10 sites for the sale of these assets and was recently presented with a collaboration with NFTonPulse, a marketplace on the PulseChain network. This collaboration showcases the potential of NFTs not just as life-saving tools but as instruments for sustained economic empowerment.

Alfonso is now contributing his artistic talents to create an NFT for the NFTonPulse team, and this NFT will be airdropped to recipients of the 10% HTP (NFTonPulse token) allocation. The HTP token is designed to offer passive income to sacrificers, Crypto Bums minters, testers of the marketplace, Pulse Punks owners, and Tang Gang members, creating a unique and mutually beneficial ecosystem.


HTP tokenomics


The collaboration with NFTonPulse not only highlights the impact of NFTs on an individual’s life but also underscores the potential for NFTs to become a force for positive change on a larger scale. The innovative tokenomics introduced by NFTonPulse, including the Crypto Bums collection and the HTP token, exemplify a model where users can reap the rewards of the platform’s success.

Alfonso’s story serves as an inspiration for many facing adversity, illustrating how art, technology, and community support can converge to create a lifeline for those in need. The NFT space, often criticized for its speculative nature, emerges as a realm of possibilities where creativity and collaboration can lead to tangible, life-altering outcomes.


 Alfonso Morales’s journey from illness to recovery, fueled by the transformative power of NFTs, exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit and creativity. His collaboration with NFTonPulse not only showcases the potential for NFTs to improve lives but also highlights their capacity to bring about lasting positive change. As the world navigates through uncertainties, stories like Alfonso’s stand as beacons of hope, reminding us that innovation, creativity, and community can truly make a difference.

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