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Project Overview
by starburst
December 8, 2023

Crypto Bums and HTP Revolutionizing the NFT Marketplace on PulseChain

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NFTonPulse is an NFT marketplace on PulseChain that is about to feature every Ethereum NFT that existed at the time of the mainnet snapshot on May 10, 2023. That means that all Crypto Punks and BAYC can be traded on Pulse with 1600x less gas fees. Now, is about to launch its own collection, Crypto Bums, and the passive income that comes with it is what differentiates it from other NFTs. Here, we delve into the main features of this project and the associated HTP token.

NFTonPulse Crypto Bums and HTP token

What is NFTonPulse is a NFT marketplace launched on PulseChain by the HowToPulse team. It ran through a sacrifice phase where users sent eligible tokens to an address. 

The marketplace is one of the  places on PulseChain where users are able to visualize and trade their Ethereum NFTs for a fraction of the gas fee.

NFTOP also supports lazy mint, offers, and ERC-1155 NFTs. There are features that make this marketplace a top spot for creators, and with the incoming HTP token drop, the creators and the token holders will now have more reasons to stay.

OpenSea was once the top spot for NFTs on Ethereum, but it was easily replaced by Blur. With its unique HTP tokenomics, NFTOP could hold the key to a successful business model where the users are the ones to reap all the benefits.

What is HTP

HTP is a token that will be dropped to specific addresses that meet certain criteria.

The most important part is that the token has no allocation to the team, no admin keys, and that the staking feature provides users with passive income generated from a minimum of 40% of the total fees generated by the marketplace.

All the benefits to the stakers will be paid from marketplace activity rather than from inflation.

This sets HTP in a special spot when it comes to its future appreciative potential because its value is not speculative but rather rooted in the economy of the platform it stands on. The token itself has no value at launch.

OpenSea charges its users for each transaction and offers no benefits to anyone, while Blur users can hold its governance token and influence the platform’s upgrades but cannot generate passive income from it. The possibility of having a feeshare from all NFT trades, places as the best place to be.

HTP tokenomics
HTP tokenomics

Distribution Breakdown:


40% is only available to users who sacrifice.

5% to Pulse Punks (forever staked, unsellable).

10% to marketplace testers (forever staked, unsellable).

5% to Tang Gang and the collection/address that brings maximum hype.

40% locked under the Crypto Bums collection (forever staked, unsellable).

What is Crypto Bums

Crypto Bums is the NFT collection launched by the NFTonPulse team. It counts 10,000 pieces, and the game theory behind them is powerful.

Crypto Bums get an allocation of 40% of the total supply of HTP. These tokens are unsellable and will be staked forever in a smart contract. This means that no one can unstake and dump the tokens on the market.

Crypto Bums themselves become an access point for the NFTonPolse marketplace fees. They can change hands, but they will always hold the same  allocation, allowing their owners to earn passive income.

But to make the game theory more spicy and to incentivize users to hold on to their NFTs, they have been made burnable when the user claims fees. Claiming fees from a Crypto Bum means that the NFT will be burned and the HTP tokens will go to a common fee pool to benefit all other holders. As a result, the supply of Crypto Bums will decrease, which will make them even more scarce and valuable.

Sooner or later, someone will claim fees, and those who resist longer will be the winners. Trading Crypto Bums instead of claiming fees will have a 15% royalty fee on top of regular marketplace fees, which goes to the fee pool.

Things don’t end here, however, and there’s more because HowToPulse also owns the NFTGenerator website, where people can mint tokens. ranks 2nd globally for “NFT generator”. It allows users to create NFT collections without coding and provides a dedicated minting page. 5% of the mint fees goes to the fee pool to make it even more attractive to all the Crypto Bums holders.

There’s no such kind of NFT yet, and Crypto Bums will be the first to have all these features. The market value of a Crypto Bum may be higher than the fees contained because of the continuous appreciation and increasing scarcity. 

Double force of HTP and Crypto Bums

Crypto Bums are NFTs, but unlike most NFTs, their power is linked mainly to their fee pool accessibility.

The amount of HTP staked in each Crypto Bum is equal, and they’re equally powerful in their ability to collect marketplace fees.

Claiming fees and burning an NFT won’t give you HTP to sell, though. Once you burn the NFT, all the Crypto Bums holders will get more access to the allocation, which will further increase their fee-collecting power.

The HTP token itself has no value because what it does is create fees in PLS upon staking it. What the token will do after someone puts it on sale is another story.

One thing is certain: With this kind of tokenomics, where only the sacrificers have some HTP to sell, there will be little HTP on the market and a high demand for them.

Crypto Bum design

Crypto Bums and the NFT creators

The demand for Crypto Bums is likely to grow the more NFTonPulse and NFTGenerator are used, creating fees. NFT creators themselves will be incentivized to create better art and to promote it to increase the value of their Crypto Bums. Suddenly, everyone is getting some benefit from participating in this marketplace economy.

Some NFT creators who enter into partnership with Tang Gang will additionally reap the benefits of the 5% marketplace fees allocated for this purpose.

Tang Gang is a marketing force on PulseChain, which can take a project to another level. NFTonPulse reserved a special 200 Crypto Bums allocation for Tang Gang’s HOA token holders. Whoever holds 69,420 HOA when the collection goes live will be eligible to claim one of the 200 Crypto Bum free mints on a first-come, first-served basis.


NFTonPulse is at the forefront of the NFT revolution on PulseChain and sets a new industry standard when it comes to what users need to expect from a NFT platform. It provides a unique gateway for Ethereum NFTs to transition to PulseChain, offering reduced gas fees and increasing accessibility. The introduction of Crypto Bums, with their innovative tokenomics and powerful fee-capturing capabilities, adds a new dimension to NFT ownership. HTP token, with its inflation-resistant model and passive income generation, enriches the NFTonPulse ecosystem. Crypto Bums project launches within a month while the HTP token will launch at a later date. In the meantime, the fees will start accumulating in the fee pool, waiting to be shared amongst the holders. Stay tuned for the entire distribution to come to life.

Crypto Bum design
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