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Project Overview
by starburst
June 28, 2023

PulsePunks – first native NFT Punks collection on PulseChain

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Latest News

CryptoPunks made their way into the Ethereum world in a spectacular way. They made NFTs popular and known in the larger blockchain ecosystem while opening doors to other projects like Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) and the entire cohort that came after them. PulsePunks is the first NFT project on PulseChain, and it has already gained traction among the users. With a volume of 3.46 billion PLS shortly after launch, this project attracted some eyeballs.

What are PulsePunks

PulsePunks is a collection of 10,000 unique, algorithmically generated pixel art characters. Each PulsePunk has its own distinct combination of attributes, including different hairstyles, accessories, facial expressions, and more.

PulsePunks was released as one of the first experiments in the NFT space on PulseChain. They gained popularity among users, who started showing them up on their Twitter and Telegram profiles, spreading awareness about PulseChain and the project.

There are 1,100 owners, and just 12.6% of Punks are listed on their marketplace; however, there have already been 2,200 sales for a total of 3,6 billion PLS. The highest sale price was 102 million PLS. The floor price is currently 750k PLS, but someone is listing their Punk even at a 1000 trillion PLS price.

Why PulsePunks have any value

They’re unique and non-interchangeable, which means that no PulsePunk can be replicated or interchanged with another PulsePunk. Each one has a distinct set of characteristics and traits, making them individual and non-fungible.

The ownership of PulsePunk is tied to the private keys of the owner, and it’s recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

They are tradeable. Users can buy, sell, and trade PulsePunks on various NFT marketplaces, with their value determined by factors such as rarity, desirability, and market demand.

They’re PulseChain NFT Pioneers. With their early launch, they now hold historical significance as the first instance of NFT projects on PulseChain and contribute to the growth and mainstream recognition of the PulseChain NFT ecosystem. 

PulsePunks have cultural and collectible appeal because they garner a passionate and dedicated community of collectors and enthusiasts.

The scarcity and uniqueness of each PulsePunk, combined with their distinct visual aesthetic, make them desirable assets.

PulsePunks Marketplace

The PulsePunks team built their own NFT marketplace because there was no other on PulseChain. The NFTonPulse marketplace is in the testing phase, and as soon as it’s launched, we’ll see PulsePunks also there, so they’ll be able to reach more users.

It’s possible to filter the Punks by type or attributes to find the most rare and valuable NFTs.

Royality Pool

Royalties paid by the users are collected into a pool, which now holds 194.5 million PLS. They will be distributed once a year on October 9th (Richard Heart’s birthday). On that date, a disbursement “trigger” button will become available to press on the royalty page of their website and anyone will be able to press that button and activate the distribution of royalties to everyone holding PulsePunk NFTs. 

Collaboration with NFTonPulse marketplace

NFTonPulse is the first NFT marketplace on PulseChain that is currently running a sacrifice phase where users can become the owners of the HTP token and get passive income from the fees generated by the platform. 

It will host all new PRC-721 tokens as well as copies of Ethereum’s NFTs, which means that the NFTonPulse will be a fully equipped marketplace from the start. 

PulsePunks and NFTonPulse are going to collaborate, increasing the fee share for this specific collection. 

PulsePunks holders will receive a 5% share of the NFTonPulse marketplace fees on top of their royalties earned from PulsePunks trading.

In practice, 5% of the HTP tokens will be locked forever, and fees will be automatically sent to PulsePunk’s common pool. This definitely increases the value of the Punks and creates a long-lasting relationship between the two projects. It’s also beneficial for NFTonPulse itself, as it locks the tokens permanently, increasing their scarcity.

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