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Project Overview
by starburst
February 22, 2024

Crypto Bums and HTP token: all you need to know

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Latest News

The landmark collection of the HowToPulse team has launched, and the staking contract deployment is about to give its holders access to perpetual passive income from the NFTOnPulse and NFTGenerator NFT trading and creation fees. Although all the Crypto Bums have been minted, there’s still a chance to participate in the wealth redistribution, but the options are limited. Here’s how you can enter the tight door before the staking and fee redistribution happen.

HTP token at the core of the collections

HTP is the PRC-20 token with a limited supply of just over 10 billion. It’s main utility is to be staked and receive fees from:

– 2% NFTonPulse marketplace fees

– 5% NFTGenerator minting fees

– 15% Crypto Bums and Beta Bums trading

– 5% PulsePunks trading fees

– possible rewards in other tokens

For this reason, at least 60% of the entire supply is staked forever at any time in the following contracts:

  • 5% in Pulse Punks holders 
  • 10% in the form of BETA Bums 
  • 5% in a Tang Gang dedicated contract and the collection/address that generates maximum hype
  • 40% in the Crypto Bums collection 

The remaining 40% of the HTP supply is allocated to users who participated in the sacrifice phase and can be staked or unstaked at any time. If tokens remain unstaked, they don’t receive any passive income, and their value is set by the market. 

The staking contract is to be released in the next 3 months and will be announced 2 weeks before so the HTP holders can prepare and stake their tokens in time. Unstaked HTP will not receive any share of the fees. 

HTP tokenomics

What are Crypto Bums

Crypto Bums is a collection of NFTs that is connected to other NFT collections through the HTP token. These collections hold staked HTP and allow users to receive marketplace fees generated from the and platforms.

Specifically, 2% of fees from and 5% from are pooled together, with Crypto Bums holders sharing 40% of this total fee pool. The supply of Crypto Bums is limited to 10,000 NFTs, and only a few pieces are on sale. The other collections receiving the fees are Beta Bums, Pulse Punks, Tang Gang NFTs, and liquid HTP tokens, which are staked in the contract.  The fees started accumulating in the staking contract but haven’t been redistributed yet. Once the distribution contract is ready, it will be directed to Crypto Bums holders. Claiming fees will result in making the CBUM ineligible for further passive income generation. This is very important to know as a fee claim is a one-time event that “burns” the NFT, making all other Crypto Bums more valuable. 

What are Beta Bums

Beta Bums are NFTs belong to the beta testers who helped in the testing of the HowToPulse products. Beta Bums hold 10% of the entire HTP supply, and they have already started accruing fees in the contract. Their supply will be determined when the mint is finished around July 8th, and the fees will start to be distributed somewhere after the mint is finished and the distribution contract is deployed. Claiming accrued fees, however, is a one time event and once fees are claimed, Beta Bums is made ineligible to further receive fees. Users should be aware of this. Each time a Beta Bum is made ineligible for further fee claims, all other Beta Bums become more valuable because they receive more fees. The choice is yours: claim your accumulated fees anytime, but note that you can only claim once.

What are Pulse Punks

Pulse Punks are the first Punks on Pulsechain, and their supply is limited to 10,000 NFTs. Any Pulse Punk receives a 5% fee share from the NFTOnPulse and NFTGenerator platforms. These fees will be claimable once the distribution contract is deployed. This makes Pulse Punks more valuable and increases their utility. They’re not just simple NFTs anymore, but passive income generating NFTs. Moreover, Pulse Punks don’t get burned when fees are claimed, so people holding them are able to claim fees once per year every year. They are an attractive, continuous source of passive income.

Tang Gang NFTs

The Tang Gang community is the beneficiary of the 5% HTP supply. The TangGang Donation Address collects fees, and anyone can call the ”getApprovedRewards” function on the HTP staking contract to claim and distribute rewards to all eligible participants.

When will fees be distributed

Fees in all the contracts for different collections started to accrue. They cannot be claimed yet because the distribution contracts haven’t been deployed yet. Distribution contract deployment for the liquid HTP stakers will be announced two weeks before, so they can come and stake their tokens and participate in fee distribution. Stay tuned and see notifications on our official channels:

HTP Twitter

NFTOnPulse Twitter

Crypto Bums Telegram

NFTOnPulse Telegram

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