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by starburst
November 21, 2023

Mint rules for Crypto Bums passive income engines

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One of the attractive features of crypto assets is the possibility of creating passive income, allowing individuals to accumulate wealth over time without actively trading or constantly monitoring the market. With the high volatility of cryptocurrency prices, there are very few assets that do this effectively, but Crypto Bums value is decoupled from price fluctuations as it comes mainly from the NFTonPulse and NFTGenerator marketplace fees they accrue in perpetuity. Here’s how it works and how to mint them.

What are Crypto Bums

Crypto Bums are NFTs, but more than art, they act as passive income engines. They are created by the HowToPulse team, which also owns the marketplace and the website. Crypto Bums have HTP tokens as an underlying asset, staked forever in a smart contract, and are capable of accruing fees to dispense to them as passive income. Each NFT shares at least 40% of marketplace fees with their owners.

Moreover, 5% of the fees from all mints generated by NFTGenerator are allocated to the HTP staking pool, enhancing its appeal to all stakers and, consequently, to all Crypto Bum holders.

There are conditions, though, when it comes to reward claims with Crypto Bums. Claiming accrued fees on the staking contract is not subject to any kind of time condition or restriction; however, each NFT can be used to claim only once. After claiming it no longer accrues fees, it exits the rewards pool forever. The users will need to think twice before destroying their passive generation machine. Instead of effectivley killing the Crypto Bum by claiming fees.

the NFT can be traded with a 15% royalty fee, which goes to feed the rewards pool, and here’s where the game theory begins. Sooner or later, as more and more Bums exit the rewards pool, the total supply of valuable Bums decreases, making them scarce. In turn, the Crypto Bums that will still hold a key to the rewards pool, will now hold a bigger share of the remaining rewards. A bigger piece of the pie, inherently means higher value to the NFT. As time goes on and these NFTs change hands, the 15% trading fees generate further income.

The NFT market is still fresh on Pulsechain, and the more active it becomes, the more fees get generated.

The HTP token will be launched after the Crypto Bums launch, and the fees will become claimable at that point. The marketplace fees are accrued in PLS. This will give the HTP token its value, as the usage of the whole ecosystem and the NFT trade volume grows.

The rules of the mint

Crypto Bums mint starts on October 27th, and during the first 24 hours, there will be 200 free mint Crypto Bums for anyone who holds 69,420 HOA or 69 Pulse Phunks, on a first come first serve basis. As soon as these free mints are gone the public sale begins, so be prepared. The mint price is set at 1,000,000 PLS, and the available supply is 9,800 NFTs.

HOA is a community token and the fuel for the Tang Gang ecosystem. Pulse Phunks is one of the early NFT collections on PulseChain. You see it on X profile pictures and other social media. 

You can see the exact launch time at

All Crypto Bums will be listed on the NFTonPulse marketplace.

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