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Project Overview
by starburst
October 18, 2023

The pumpamentals of 9mm and Pulse OG NFTs

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9mm is a new project launching on PulseChain, which is an ecosystem spanning from a NFT collection to the token, DEX, NFT Marketplace, block explorer, and perhaps even a wallet all created by the amazing dev @deva0x.

It’s designed to create constant buy pressure and utility for the 9mm token while rewarding holders with token and PLS rewards. But the benefits go beyond that because the game theory behind the project increases participation in the entire ecosystem, indirectly helping others. Let’s dive into the pieces and the mechanics of the game then.

Pulse OG NFT Collection

The heart of the 9mm ecosystem is the PulseOG NFT collection. In the spirit of the HEX hard-core stakers, the collection is composed of 5555 unique NFTs and serves as the foundation of 9mm. It rewards early investors in PulseChain with exclusive benefits, creating an ecosystem of engagement, participation, and community building. Holders and minters of PulseOG NFTs receive airdrops for straight 20 months of 9mm tokens, placing them in a privileged position within the project.

One of the unique features of PulseOG NFTs is the sharing of fees generated from secondary sales. This not only incentivizes NFT holders but also fosters a sense of community by sharing the rewards among them. When it comes to 9mm distribution, the specific numbers will be known when the token contract launches, but it’s been said in the official Telegram group that the minters will get 30% of the total supply and the holders will receive 10%. PulseOG has been minted all out and is now up for grabs on the NFTonPulse marketplace.

The 9mm DEX

Deva, the founder of 9mm, brought to Pulsechain v3 of Uniswap and the ability to create concentrated liquidity, allowing liquidity providers to specify price ranges for their assets. It’s audited and seamlessly integrated within the 9mm ecosystem. The integration of Uniswap v3 brings cutting-edge trading experience to 9mm participants, marking a significant milestone on PulseChain other than enhancing capital efficiency, reducing slippage, and promoting fair market conditions. The fee structure includes 0.2% going to liquidity providers and 0.1% directed to the fee distribution mechanism.

NFT Marketplace

The 9mm NFT marketplace is a digital haven for buying, selling, and trading unique digital assets. Artists, collectors, and enthusiasts can engage in trading while receiving a share of all the fees generated by the platform. The maker contributes to the ecosystem’s sustainability by paying a 2.5% fee as part of the marketplace fee structure. The volume of transactions will be crucial in deciding on the airdrop to reward and further incentivize creators and traders to go for quality and/or quantity.

Block Explorer

The founder of 9mm also gives the PulseChain community a top-notch block explorer complete with chart and stats data, a list of top accounts, and token contract details. It’s possible to see the entire collection of POG NFTs.

Game Theory and Airdrop Mechanism

The game theory behind 9mm’s airdrop is really strong for POG owners. It incentivizes participation in the ecosystem by holding onto NFTs and the token. Its duration is 20 months, which is in contrast to most airdrops, which usually happen as a one-time drop. Thanks to this airdrop, NFT owners are required to hold on to the token to continue getting a higher 9mm airdrop. The website has a scoreboard based on user interactions within the ecosystem. Monthly leaderboards determine airdrop allocations based on the total volume, with participants earning a proportional share of the 9mm token supply every month. This mechanism promotes sustained engagement, competition, and community building, enhancing the overall ecosystem.

But the game theory isn’t great only for the NFTs because it’s strong also for the 9mm token itself, and this is because of the staking mechanism and fee distribution.

Moreover, 9mm entered into a partnership with Tang Gang which puts the project on the radar of PulseChain’s top influencers and the entire community.

Staking Mechanism and Fee Distribution

To further empower and reward the community, 9mm implements a staking mechanism that allows users to stake their 9mm tokens and earn rewards in the form of $PLS tokens. PLS comes from all the fees generated within the ecosystem, and that includes the DEX and a NFT marketplace. The distribution of fees ensures equal sharing among stakers, encouraging broad participation and community growth. An impressive 50% of the fees generated from all protocols are shared among stakers of 9mm.

Buy and Burn Mechanism

The Richard Heart ecosystem is known for its pumpamentals, and this feature is not missing from 9mm. It comes in the form of a buy-and-burn mechanism, which involves utilising 50% of the generated ecosystem fees to directly purchase tokens from the market and burning them, effectively removing them from circulation. This strategic move aims to reduce the token supply, potentially increasing scarcity and supporting the token’s price over time. This not only benefits token holders but also bolsters the long-term sustainability of the 9mm ecosystem.


The 9mm project on PulseChain marks a new era of DeFi innovation. With its PulseOG NFT collection, Uniswap v3 integration, NFT marketplace, game theory-based airdrop mechanism, staking mechanism, and Buy and Burn feature, 9mm creates a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem focused on pumpamentals and engagement. It fosters active participation and promotes community building, making it a noteworthy addition to the DeFi landscape. As 9mm continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of DeFi on PulseChain.

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