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Project Overview
by starburst
November 17, 2023

Pulselorian high yield staking and farming

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Pulselorian Guild is a project that aims to embody the spirit of resilience, decentralization, and the united Pulsechain community’s strength. With a symbolic identity drawn from the Cypherpunk movement and Mandalorian-inspired figures, Pulselorians unite under the banner of the Pulselorian Guild to create products like BSKR and LBSKR focused on decentralization, superior yield, hyper-deflation, and delayed gratification. With their two tokens and a DeFi platform for staking and farming, they hope to promote their social identity network to a larger audience.

What is Pulselorian?

Pulselorian is a DeFi platform for staking and farming built on Pulsechain. It features the reflection token pBSKR to guarantee the store of value, a high yield, and reflections for holders. The platform hosts a suite of different tokens with different utilities. All of them can be staked and farmed for yield. Pulselorian’s in-house token pLBSKR, on the other side, is used for single-sided staking.

BSKR: The Resilient Asset

Proof of Loyalty and Redistribution

BSKR operates on a 5% Proof of Loyalty transaction fee for each buy and sell, of which 2% is redistributed back to holders. The staking yield can range from 25% to 600% APR. It’s variable because it depends on the number of stakeholders accessing the pool.

This mechanism rewards holders and fosters community loyalty. Additionally, 1% of the fee contributes to ecosystem growth, and 2% is burned forever, decreasing the circulating supply of BSKR and increasing token scarcity. Scarcity usually creates more market demand and exerts positive price pressure. The burn fees collected from the loyalty fee can also be used for buybacks.

BSKR Staking

BSKR can be staked in a single-sided liquidity pool for PLP tokens, or it can be farmed. Each stake has an early unstake penalty period, which starts at 13% and decreases by 1% each month, down to 0% after 1 year. This mechanism incentivizes long-term staking over short-term staking, creating less selling pressure. Stake and unstake fees are burned, promoting further scarcity and used to buy back and burn, resulting in positive buying pressure.

Ownership Renounced and Fixed Supply

To enhance security, the team renounced the ownership of the BSKR contract, which now belongs to a dead wallet. The supply can’t be increased, and with a fixed supply of 1 trillion tokens and burning, BSKR aims for deflationary dynamics.

LBSKR: Sustaining the Guild

LBSKR implements a 0.5% Proof of Loyalty transaction fee. Stakers receive 64% of the supply, with a starting yield of 7% per year. The yield decreases by 10% annually, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Burns and Penalties

A dual mechanism burns 0.25% to the burn address and 0.25% to the growth address, supporting ecosystem development. Penalties discourage early unstaking, promoting delayed gratification and scarcity.

What is pLBSKR?

pLBSKR is the second token with no utility. It’s hyper-deflationary, and the idea is that scarcity and staking rewards are what attract users. Single-sided staking of pLBSKR incentivizes delayed gratification. Unstaking before a 1-year delay means that the user will pay a penalty fee that starts at 13% and decreases by 1% every 4 weeks. The penalty is burned forever, rewarding holders indirectly via deflation. The APR ranges around 100%.

There’s a 0.5% Proof of Loyalty transaction fee for each buy or burn. 0.25% of it is burned, and the other half goes to the growth and development fund. The supply is capped at $1 trillion and diminishes progressively as the burn goes on.

Deflationary Assets

Pulselorian features some tokens, all of which are deflationary. Some of them have reflective properties, while others provide passive income in PLS.

FLUFFY, DWOJAK, DaiX, and Pepelorian are all capped supply tokens with deflationary mechanisms.

REFLUX (RFX) gives PLS as passive income. It’s enough to hold RFX in the wallet to earn the income, and the greater the network activity, the higher the PLS rewards are. There’s a 2% RFX transaction fee paid on each buy or sell, with a 1.75% fee reflected to holders through auto-staking and paid in PLS. There’s a 2x reflection reward for PulseX V2 PLS/Reflux Liquidity Providers.


The Peopelorian farms for all of the above tokens give a very high APY. For example, PLSX/WPLS Farm gives a 41% APR paid in Elixir, while on PulseX the APR is 5.74% paid in INC. Elixir is the governance token of the platform. Total supply is 721,825 and the token has a mint rate of 0.1 Elixir per second. The supply burned is 10,648 Elixir, which accounts for 1.48% of the total supply. In comparison, the supply of INC is 16 million, and INC burned is 114 million, or 0.7% of the total supply.

The newest entry to the farm is HOA/WPLS, with a 397% APY paid in Elixir. HOA is the signature Tang Gang token, which is one of the hottest tokens on PulseChain.

Pulselorian Security

Pulselorian smart contracts have their ownership renounced to a dead wallet, and the supply of tokens can’t be increased. The contracts have been audited by SourceHat. There are some points that indicate that the contract can be paused and liquidity adding disabled or that Uniswap V3 functionality can be disabled. All these functions would normally enter into normal maintenance or emergency calls if it were a web2 world. Since it’s crypto and trustlessness is the principle crypto is built on, requiring trust from users is not an optimal solution.

Read more about smart contract security


Pulselorian is a hub for deflationary assets, which can provide users with store of value tokens and passive income coming from reflections. In a world of inflation, the principles upholding the value of scarcity are very attractive.

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