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Project Overview
by starburst
March 10, 2024

Pulse Wars NFT game to clash the communities

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In the heart of the impending crypto revolution, Pulse Wars emerges as not just a game but a groundbreaking frontier where NFTs become assets for an adrenaline-fueled clash between Pulsechain classes. Pulse Wars is a game of strategy that turns community supporters into warriors in the quest for Pulsechain supremacy. As rounds scale and the stakes become higher, the pressure may start spilling from the game to the price charts of the strongest tokens. The spoils of the war are to be shared between everyone, but there can only be one to win the grand prize of 3.5 billion PLS. Will it be you?

Game overview

The game revolves around 7 classes of NFTs that will be minted on in March/April. Each NFT is assigned a “fictitious” balance of $10,000, and the user will have tokens to play with. When the system does the “market buy,” the tracking of the portfolio starts, and based on the value of this portfolio, the user progresses or fails. If the player ends up in the top half of the round, then he passes to the next round. The users who fail can still play in additional battles and win some prizes, but they are out of the main pool prize.

There are 14 rounds spanning 280 days, with each round taking 20 days. The real battle starts in the 6th round, where each player is guaranteed a place in a pool of Payout Rounds. Each successive round gives higher payouts from the Spoils of War. Elimination in the 6th round gives 2,734,375 PLS, but the 7th round increases to 6,250,000 PLS. The culmination is the main prize of 3,500,000,000 PLS.

The warrior classes

There are 16,384 NFTs up for mint, and they are divided into 7 classes assigned randomly to anyone who chooses to mint. Only CITIZENS class can choose to JOIN as CITIZEN by bringing their existing Pulsechain NFT to the game. Cost per NFT (03/2024 – 1 M PLS | 04/2024 – 1.25 M PLS). NFTs will be tradeable on secondary NFT markets like, so players who dislike their NFT will be able to sell them and buy a new one.

7 classes:

“Founders” (200 NFT’s) Dominating ecosystems, seeking to expand

“Maxis” (1,000 NFT’s) Thriving in distant ecosystems

“Natives” (1,000 NFT’s) Holders of single PulseChain native coins

“Frenemies/VC’s” (2,000 NFT’s) Antagonists of PulseChain

“Power Items” (1,200 NFT’s) Unique and random items from the Hex and PulseChain community

“Pulsicans” (4,600 NFT’s) Defenders of PulseChain

“Citizens” (6,384 NFT’s) – NFTs From Other PulseChain Collections

The player can’t know which NFT he will be given. A hard-core PLS holder may end up with a MAXI NFT and will need to choose his “fictitious” portfolio between tokens he hates the most, like TITAN X, XEN, or ETH. That should be fun, though 🙂 Only CITIZENS can choose to be in their class, and they can also choose four tokens and make one trade. They’re quite a privileged class of Pulsechain NFT holders. Certain classes are allowed to boost their portfolio. If they choose, they can pay a 100,000 PLS fee for a chance to increase their portfolio holdings by 1%, 2%, 5%, or 10%.

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Citizens is the class of NFTs whose owners hold one of these Pulsechain NFTs in their wallet (The Staker Class (all), Pulse OGs Pulselorian (VRTX), Pulse Inu, Tang Bears, OG Influencers, Grove Girls, Byte Saga, Robo Rhapsody, Lizards, Heart Army, Crypto Bums, Cookies N Cream, Crypto Sloths, and Pantheon). If you own one of these Pulsechain NFTs, you can consider yourself lucky. You can determine 4 tokens to play with, and you can also make one trade to increase your chances of winning the game.

NFTonPulse Crypto Bums and HTP token


The Pulsican Robot Army is a class of warriors dedicated to safeguarding PulseChain at all costs. This class is dedicated to always defending Pulsechain and the native coins. This class is privileged with 4 random tokens, and the player can select their percentage from the total allocation of $10,000 he receives. PULSICANS has the advantage of one possible trade to do per round.

3. “MAXIS”

MAXIS thrive in far-away ecosystems and wish to destroy what the Pulsechain community has built. They are MAXIS of a single coin from outside PulseChain and are convinced they have already succeeded. MAXIS receive 1 token to play with, and they can select the “market buy” time. They also receive one boost per round.


This class of warriors is loyal to one native Pulsechain coin, and they hold a substantial amount of it. Their strategy is to hold on and fight for survival. NATIVES receive 1 token to play with, and they can determine the “market buy” time. They also receive one boost per round.

5. “FRENEMIES and VC’s”

FRENEMIES and VC’s, embodying the worst of venture capital practices, pose a formidable challenge, spreading FUD and casting shadows over the PulseChain ecosystem. They attack everything the Pulsechain community loves: Richard Heart, HEX, PLS, PLX, and INC. The clash between the PulseChain community and these antagonists adds an extra layer of complexity, making each battle a symbol of resistance against external pressures. They come armed with a boost that makes them more challenging to defeat and four tokens. They can select the percentage of the allocation from the total of $10,000. FRENEMIES/VCs can make one trade per round to shuffle their tokens and choose the best strategy.


Founders of the Future, the visionaries who have conquered ecosystems, step onto the battlefield with a unique advantage. Armed with knowledge and superiority, they seek to extend their dominance to include PulseChain. This clash becomes not just a battle of assets but a war of wits, strategy, and foresight. They are the strongest class you can possess. They can choose four tokens of their will and decide their allocation. They can also make four trades, and they also get a boost. The FOUNDERS hold the real power.


These are nothing else but the Pulsechain and HEX memes, bringing fun and an element of randomness to the battles. They have a 50/50 chance of winning any battle they engage in. They get no allocation, boosts, or anything to trade. In each round, you may need to fight against a POWER ITEM and you better beware because you have a 50% chance to lose or win.

The juice of the game

Pulse Wars is a game, but through its fictitious portfolio, it may gain the power to shape the market, especially for the tokens with smaller market caps and liquidity. Each NFT represents a tracker of a real Pulsechain asset, and it may not be too late for the classes to realise that they can coordinate and win through strategic allocation and the choice of their favourite token. As the game progresses and the rewards grow, the players may even choose to use these rewards to acquire their portfolio tokens just to increase advantage and possibility of passing to the next round. The main prize of 3.5 billion PLS may well be worth that.


Pulse Wars is a one-of-a-kind NFT game where individuals need to show their skills in building a worthy portfolio and use strategy to maximise available choices. It’s also a game where NFT holders from different classes can choose to do an off-chain “retreat” to think of a game plan to actuate as their common strategy to protect or attack Pulsechain and claim the ultimate victory.

The first mint starts on March 30th

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