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Project Overview
by starburst
March 24, 2024

REX reimagines long-term staking and LPs

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There’s a saying, “Time in the market beats timing the market,” which means that consistently investing and staying invested over the long term typically yields better results than attempting to predict short-term market movements and timing entry or exit points. The REX protocol on Pulsechain introduces some novel concepts to staking and NFTs to reduce the sell pressure and reward the stakers for holding on to their tokens. 


What is REX

REX is a protocol whose target audience is a long-term investor not focused on trading but rather on passive income generation through staking and contract interaction. REX borrowed some concepts from HEX, and they both mirror the concept of time deposits or certificates of deposit (CDs) in traditional finance, but with added flexibility and potential for higher returns. 

The initial supply of REX was created as a result of the sacrifice phase run in February 2024; however, the supply is inflationary and will continue to inflate at 3.69% per year. This inflation is distributed as rewards to stakeholders, and it’s projected that it may be lower due to the burning.

Innovation within REX

REX is a very innovative protocol featuring boosted STAKING or NFTs that can be “fed to grow.” REX also adopted some restrictions as a way to limit the activity of swing traders and arbitrage, as well as trading bots and panic selling. No user can buy and sell the tokens without ever interacting with the REX contract. This functionality not only discourages undesired activities but also builds participation and positive price pressure. The user needs to earn the right to sell the rewards, and that comes through waiting for a minimum stake of 30 days to end. But to enjoy more of the time to wait, the user can boost the rewards with TREX and earn them quicker.

In the coming months, it will be possible to transfer stakes and trade them by wrapping REX in WREX. But one of the features called REXAGOTCHI seems particularly appealing, as it resembles in mechanism a popular digital pet simulation game called Tamagotchi. Players must feed, clean, and play with their Tamagotchi to keep it healthy and happy. Neglecting the pet’s needs can result in its illness. REXAGOTCHI has been created to work in a similar way, but more on that below. Innovation also spans to the liquidity pool, whose depth is always a reason for concern for many new projects. The REX team plays with time restrictions and boosts to help build liquidity and the price.

REX and Time Deposits

REX staking involves locking up tokens for a specified period to earn rewards, an activity that is akin to traditional time-based investments and also involves the creation of “sellable amounts.” However, REX is more flexible than traditional CDs and has more potential for gains compared to traditional models. Furthermore, REX introduces a decentralized exchange for active stakes, known as the STAKE MARKET, enabling users to buy and sell stakes like tradable assets. Staking REX burns tokens and converts them into SHARES, a mechanism that is similar to that of HEX. SHARES become always more expensive, meaning that whoever stakes earlier and more gets a better deal unless a discount of 20% on the share price is applied for staking TREX. Staking TREX results in 25% more shares than a normal stake. The time lock of a REX stake can range from 30 days to a maximum of 3653 days, or 10 years, but the rewards can be withdrawn multiple times before maturity is reached, which makes REX a very versatile asset that promotes long-term investment without posing too restrictive limitations on the user. Claiming the rewards doesn’t harm the principal but will reduce the number of shares, which can be boosted with TREX should it be necessary.


REX introduces REXAGOTCHIs, NFTs that offer constant REX rewards. Users can interact with their NFTs to increase rewards, adding a gamified element to staking. Feeding a REXAGOTCHI is essential for maintaining its health and maximizing rewards. Users must regularly load PLS tokens into their NFTs, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance in earning rewards. To mint a REXAGOTCHI NFT, a user needs 1,000,000 PLS, but the price increases by 50,000 PLS every 1,000 NFTs minted, meaning that each REXAGOTSHI will always contain 1 million PLS, but their cost will increase. Holding this NFT does nothing, and only staking activates the accumulation of rewards plus the same amount as the sellable amount (sellableOf) – every second. Adding a TREX boosts the generation of sellable amounts. There’s no time restriction on claiming the rewards. Being like a living creature means that it needs to be fed with PLS at least once every 30 days otherwise, it will become unhealthy and produce fewer rewards. Giving REXAGOTSHI more PLS generates more rewards and visually changes the NFT to reflect the change. Such well-fed NFTs will be easy to recognise on our marketplace

What is TREX

TREX is a token that serves as a booster within the REX ecosystem. It can be acquired through two primary methods: minting or swapping. Minting allows users who have sacrificed TREX on Binance Smart Chain to mint TREX on PulseChain, while swapping enables users to exchange PLS for TREX on the designated platform. TREX has zero decimals and allows users to stake up to 5 TREX at a time to unlock maximum bonuses. It enhances user rewards across various functionalities within the REX ecosystem. From increased SHARES when creating a stake to exclusive benefits in the STAKE MARKET and NFT staking.

REX incentives for Providing Liquidity

Liquidity pools are often thin when a project is newly launched, making it difficult to take a larger position in a project as well as penalizing the traders with high slippage. Price manipulation via the liquidity pool is also a frequent phenomenon in DeFi, and REX solves it by introducing a novel model of liquidity provision where a 12-week limitation on liquidity withdrawal is placed on the provider. This serves to grow liquidity and limit price manipulation as well as rug pulls. Providing liquidity is yet another opportunity for passive income generation and engagement with the protocol.

Time limits and restrictions on selling REX

To prevent users from excessive day trading and dumping, the protocol has placed restrictions on the allowable amount to sell the tokens and the time when it’s possible to do so. In REX, simply buying and selling tokens is not possible. Users need to earn their right to sell by participating in staking REX, staking an NFT, or by providing liquidity. Even stakers with stakes shorter than 500 days can’t sell their full principal once it matures and need to earn enough sellableOf first. In short, users are able to sell the rewards and a part of their principal, but to be able to sell it all, they need to earn sellableOf in some other way. 


SellableOf in stakes

  • When you end a 500 days long (or longer) stake, you can sell 100% of your principal and the rewards 
  • When you end a 250 days long stake, you can sell 50% of your principal and the rewards
  • When you end a 50 days long stake, you can sell 10% of your principal and the rewards


REX represents a paradigm shift in decentralized finance, offering users the opportunity to engage in time-based investments with unprecedented flexibility and potential for growth. With its robust functionality and innovative features, REX empowers individuals to unlock new financial possibilities in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. While placing restrictions on crucial functions to reduce undesired activities, it offers, on the other side, an improved experience when it comes to long-term investment and trading.

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