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by CryptoKnight
March 22, 2023

PulseChain V3 Update: A Long-Awaited Release

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PulseChain V3 Update: A Long-Awaited Release with Exciting New Updates, According to Richard Heart

UPDATED MARCH 22, 2023: 

The wait is over! PulseChain V3 is here!

Here are the network settings to get started. 

Network Name: PulseChain Testnet-V3


Chain ID: 942

Currency Symbol: tPLS

Block explorer URL:

PulseChain is a new blockchain network created by the founder of $HEX, Richard Heart. The network is intended to be a faster and more cost-effective version of Ethereum, with the goal of providing a better user experience for developers and end-users.

The PulseChain community has been eagerly awaiting the release of v3, which is long overdue, might I add! For almost a year now, we’ve been using PulseChain v2b (v2b Data: Block 14,360,999 (Mar-10-2022 07:29:19 PM +UTC), and have become quite familiar with the testnet, some would have said we’re pros! However, the wait is almost over, as Richard Heart and his team have provided several updates indicating that v3 is potentially on the way. With new features and improvements, the upcoming release of PulseChain v3 is generating excitement in the Hexican community.

The founder of PulseChain, Richard Heart, has been providing regular updates on the progress of the network, and the latest news. 

According to Richard Heart’s latest tweets, the development team has made significant progress in resolving the bugs affecting the network. They have completed stage 9 in Pulse-Erigon, and the remaining stages are likely to be completed soon.

The testing of Prysm-Pulse, Go-Pulse, and Lighthouse-Pulse is also going well, and the private v3 testnet is running smoothly.

This test net includes various features such as:

  • Sacrifice credits
  • 32 million PLS validator deposit, and max effective balance
  • 10s slots
  • Consensus-layer reward burning
V3 Testnet all four PulseChain clients – go-pulse, prysm-pulse, erigon-pulse, and lighthouse-pulse – performing smoothly. Which is critical for the development team in making significant progress in ensuring the network’s stability and functionality. The PulseChain Private Testnet Beacon Explorer offers a glimpse of the network’s capabilities, and it’s clear that the development team is working hard to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
The client setup for the network includes various nodes such as validator, API, bootnodes, archive, and Lighthouse nodes. All of these nodes are being tested, and the network is currently 8,400 slots into the new beacon chain without any issues.
One of the most significant features of PulseChain is its implementation of EIP 1559 burns, which reduces the issuance of PLS by 25% per block compared to Ethereum. This makes PulseChain a potentially net deflationary network, especially during high transaction activity.
The release of PulseChain V3 is highly anticipated. With its unique features and potential as a net deflationary network, PulseChain is sure to attract a lot of attention in the coming months. It will be exciting to see how the network performs once it is officially launched.

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