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Project Overview
by starburst
June 5, 2023

Pulse Domains to offer address naming

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Pulse Domains lands on PulseChain to provide users with on-chain identities. It’s a naming service for wallets, websites, or social media profiles. It’s a way to identify your alphanumerical address with a simple, human readable name similar to an email address. It solves lots of issues with DNS insecurity and provides increased security, transparency, and resistance to censorship.

What is a blockchain domain

Blockchain domains, also known as decentralized domains or blockchain-based domains, are a type of internet domain system built on top of blockchain technology. These domains aim to provide an alternative to traditional domain systems, such as the Domain Name System (DNS), by leveraging the features and benefits of blockchain.


These domain names are registered and managed using blockchain protocols. This means that the ownership and control of domain names are decentralized and stored on a distributed ledger, ensuring transparency, security, and resistance to censorship or tampering. 

The most common example of a blockchain domain system is Ethereum Name Service (ENS). ENS is built on Ethereum. It allows users to register and manage .eth domains, which can be used for various purposes like websites, email addresses, and decentralized applications (dApps). 

Unstoppable Domains operates on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Zilliqa. It offers domain names ending with extensions like .crypto, .zil, and others. 

Namecoin offering .bit domains was the first to offer decentralized domain registration, while Handshake aims to create a blockchain-based alternative to the traditional DNS. It allows users to register and manage top-level domains (TLDs) directly on the Handshake blockchain.

What is Pulse Domains

Pulse Domains is a PulseChain based domain naming service (PNS) where you can buy a .pls domain name and use it for your social media profile, website, wallet, or anything else. It’s the equivalent of the popular Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The human readable name is a substitute for long alphanumeric names, which means that they’re more memorable and easier to use. It can be integrated with the addresses of over 100 blockchains, the content hash of a decentralized website, social links, and other profile data, as well as an avatar, which provides more verifiability when it comes to user authentication. It’s easier to identify that a user with a Pulse Domain isn’t an impostor than it is with a usual DNS domain.

By purchasing a domain and creating a unique profile, it’s possible to display on-chain and off-chain data such as cross-chain addresses, websites, social links, and to receive payments. If you’re an influencer, with a .pls domain, getting donations is as easy as saying your domain aloud. People can just say “send PLS to this domain …” and people will send tokens as if they were sending it to a regular PulseChain address. You will not dictate your 42-character long address for someone to send you a tip, but you can just say your domain, and everyone will remember it straight away. 

With such a domain working both as a wallet and a storage for everything you own, like NFTs or a website, you have everything in one place, under one seed phrase. The convenience that comes with it is huge.

Additionally, it’s possible to create subdomains and assign ownership of them to other people. If you own smith .pls then you could assign your son a subdomain named john.smith.pls and your daughter maggie.smith.pls. 

Pulse Domains like ENS domains, don’t come for free, and a recurrent fee is required to maintain ownership of the domain. If the domain fee isn’t renewed, then the name is released and someone else can overwrite it. The fee depends on the length of the name. Short 3-letter names are very expensive because they’re scarcer than 4- or 5-letter names. The fee is also to avoid name squatting, which is so popular with domain names.

In the spirit of broad adoption, Pulse Domains gives out some domains for free. The belief is that brands, crypto projects and significant figures in the crypto ecosystem should have priority in choosing a .pls web3 username. There are some eligibility criteria like:

  • Have a minimum of 5,000 followers on Twitter.
  • active crypto streamer on YouTube, Twitch or Rumble.
  • known figure in the RH ecosystem.
  • project / product in the Web3 / Crypto space.


Pulse Domains is a great utility protocol for PulseChain, providing a lot of value and resolving many issues at once. It’s also a new way for crypto users to easily identify themselves on social media and to receive donations. The ease of use and the convenience of having everything in one place and under one seed phrase are surely alluring, and despite the fact that privacy with such a name is nonexistent, many will adopt it anyway.

Nothing in this article or website is financial or taxation advice. For advice on these matters, please contact a registered professional adviser.

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