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UNISWAP TwitterStorm 30 Dec 2021

UNISWAP TwitterStorm 30 Dec 2021

🎉🎉🎉OK guys let’s MAKE SOME NOISE 🚨 We’ve listened to your feedback and made things much simpler this time.

You decide how much you want to pump Pulse and Pulsex according to our three tiers below. 

Go WILD (within reason)! 🔥

🥉BRONZE Level – a few clicks / words and you’re done!🥉 

Go to the Launchpad page link below and click the “Click to Tweet” button. Hashtags will be preloaded for you – just write a short welcome message to our UNI friends. 

Include an image in your tweet (for convenience, we provide images provided both below and in the following Launchpad page).

CLICK HERE: tweet-launchpad 

🥈SILVER Level – Targeted Tweeting / Commenting🥈

Do the above …AND…

Go to this Twitter thread and reply to the people who left comments  

Include one of the UNISWAP images (below) and these tags in your reply

#Uniswap # #ethereum #pulsechain #unipulsechain @RichardHeartWin

🥇GOLD Level – Commando Level Shilling🥇

Do the above  …AND…

Go to this thread and click the “Retweets” button which will show you a list of everyone who retweeted the thread.

Tweet directly at those people using the above tags and images. Let’s try to cover everyone. You can check who has a high follower count and tweet at them.


Save the image you want onto your computer. If you are on mobile, press-hold an image for 2 second until the “add to photos” function appears. This will save the image to your mobile Photos library.  
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