by LJ
December 20, 2021

How to Expand Your Twitter Following

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How to Win Hearts and Minds on Twitter

Why are we doing this? One word. Adoption. We want to grow the Richard Heart ecosystem – it’s simply the best in town!

In this short article, you’re going to grow your knowledge about how Twitter works and you’ll know how to prepare for a series of TwitterStorms we’ve got coming for ya!

So, adoption. You gain adoption by raising awareness, talking to people, persuading. We do it in a classy way, in a friendly way. In a real way. We win hearts and minds – then we take over.

Twitter is a clever beast and no one knows exactly how it works. But one thing’s for sure. If you want people to notice you, three things are required:

  1. Followers – you need followers. Not just any kind. You need the right kind. We’ll talk about this more below. 
  2. Interactions – you need to interact with the “right” followers. Talk to them, share things, like their posts. Be nice to them. The algorithm knows when you’re lying about who your friends are! Really, it’s that smart. This takes work over time. You can’t achieve it over night. But if we all do five mins per day, in a month or two, our networks will look much juicier to the algorithm. We’ll be doing storms well into 2022 so you’ve got time. But the best time to start is TODAY. 
  3. Hashtags – you need to use the right hashtags. But this is far less important than getting the good kind of followers and talking to them / posting on topics they like. We will give you hashtags to use. 

Which Followers do I Need? 

You need followers outside of the HEX community. The Twitter algorithm knows that you only ever talk to the same people. we are a very smart community, us Hexicans. But we are inward-looking, like a small group of close friends. We need to broaden. If you’re like many Hexicans (me included), when you Tweet, Twitter shows your post to other Hexicans only. Sometimes, occasional, it shows them to other people who “might” like it. But generally, Twitter keeps you in your bubble. You need to grow your bubble right now.  

We are going to break it down really simply here. In no time, you’ll be growing your Twitter bubble and reaching people with the good news about PulseChain and Richard Heart. Do these things:

  1. Follow Ethereum / ERC20 users who are outside of the HEX community – find people in the official ERC20 groups and follow them. message them about their interests;
  2. Follow regardless of twitter count – you’re more likely to get followed back if you follow people at your own “Twitter level” – if I follow Jeff Besos, he ain’t following me back. It doesn’t matter how “big” a player they are. It just matters that they have ETH-based interests;
  3. Like and retweet their posts – not too much though – that’s creepy. And Twitter knows you’re doing it on purpose.
  4. Talk to them – ask them about their interests – “hey, what’s the best place to buy ETH if I’m holding my assets on a hardware wallet?”   or “What’s the news with ETH 2.0? Think it’ll happen in Q1 2022? That would be awesome” Or find people in Uniswap, or Shiba, whatever. Talk to them about their interests – not your own (yet – patience…);
  5. IMPORTANT – Do this all in an organic way – don’t be too obvious and go retweeting everyone 1,000 times. Build a “genuine connection.” Play it a little cool, don’t be pushy The algorithm knows what we’re doing and so do people. Twitter has very sensitive SPAM filters. if you keep badgering people about something, it will backfire and you’ll get demoted by the algorithm. 

Why do all this? You want them to follow you back. That’s it. ****That’s our goal – real followers, who actually read our posts**** You don’t need many – a dozen real ones over three months is very respectable. 

And Why do I Need These Followers?

The algorithm will show your Tweets to people who follow you. You want to be seen. We will give you the message – a cool and classy message. An enticing one about free coins on this magical new pre-viral blockchain called PulseChain! 

We will win their hearts and minds, one at a time, my friends. 

What Next?

  1. Grow your network in the ways we describe above
  2. Write down the Twitter handles of your new followers (and even the ones who don’t yet follow you – the algorithm will still show your posts to people who don’t follow you back, just not as much) – we will tag them in our TwitterStorms. 
  3. Join our Telegram group
  4. Keep notifications on
  5. Await instructions for the next TwitterStorm. We will do these weekly or more. 
Share this article with your friends (HexiPulsicans), so they have the power and knowledge you have now!

Final Important Words 

  • When we do a Storm, do it in a calm way.
  • Don’t repeat the same action many times.
  • Don’t make fake accounts.
  • Don’t automate functions with bots unless you have a strong background in SEO and Twitter specifically.

We will get down-ranked for that kind of stuff. Remember: the Twitter algorithm is very clever. 

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