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Project Overview
by starburst
June 8, 2023

The PoorPleb PP token to offer a 69% APY

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In a world dominated by the rich, where the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to widen, a beacon of hope has emerged for the underdogs of the cryptocurrency space. The Plebifesto, embodied by the PoorPleb ($PP) token, aims to disrupt the unfair distribution of wealth and provide a platform for the masses to reclaim power. The Hexy Bastard-created Poor Pleb token aims to mock the cryptocurrency industry, demonstrate that utility is a meme that is about to expand its activities, and involve the PulseChain pleb in a wide range of activities. The PP crowd, made up of the poorest crypto users, thus has the chance to raise the tide and stop being the exit liquidity of the whales.

What is PoorPleb $PP token

The PoorPleb token was created as an experiment aimed at excluding the whales while obtaining the broadest distribution in the meme world. It’s a revolution against the big fat bag dumpers and price manipulators, against the empty promises of token founders, and against lame narratives of technological innovation. There’s no narrative in the PP token. There’s no fog. There are only three functions: buy, sell, and send, with no utility whatsoever, no tax, no inflation, and nothing to stake. The token is so boring that you can just hodl. It was a free claim, so why not? Every user who was a meme pleb could claim the $PP without getting rekt.

In fact, the fomo was reversed to benefit the poor. With the Proof of Pleb statement and the limit on account, the whales got a bit rattled about not being able to claim.

A Bridge Between Communities

PoorPleb aims to build a strong community by fostering connections with successful meme tokens and projects. By allowing small players from these communities to freeclaim PoorPleb ($PP) tokens, the project established a foundation of support, solidarity, and diversity. This strategic collaboration provided a significant head start in adoption,  attracting a user base of 7,185 people.

Plebonomics: A Unique Distribution Model

The token was claimable only by the crypto krill with balances ranging from $1 to $1,000 of the following tokens in their addresses at GMT 00:00 on July 22, 2016.









There was also an airdrop to sacrificers of less than $1,000 for freedom of speech and freedom of movement during the PulseChain / PulseX sacrifice.

The PA (Pleb Address), similar to the HEX OA, received 33.3% PoorPleb ($PP) and was created to provide some centralization to the project to protect the price.

It’s unknown who controls it and there should be no expectations with this address. There was also a sacrifice phase where people could sacrifice for the “Freedom of Plebs”. The claim and sacrifice ended, the unclaimed PP have been unminted, the smart contract was renounced, and the supply can’t be altered.

The Power of the Plebs

PoorPleb ($PP) acknowledges that its success relies on community participation and advocacy. As a decentralized, community-led effort, the project encourages holders of PoorPleb ($PP) to shill it hard to promote the opportunity it presents. By empowering individuals to take control of their financial destiny, PoorPleb ($PP) aims to disrupt the existing power structures and create a more equitable and inclusive ecosystem.


The token was recently copied over to PulseChain, where Hexy Bastard is creating a platform called 9inch. 9inch is being developed with tokens like PoorPleb in mind.

With its yield farming opportunities for providing liquidity, and single staking, users will be able to earn passive income on their holdings. *PoorPleb will also benefit from single-sided staking for the platform’s $BBC tokens, and in the near future it will be offering $PP for $PP staking capped at an incredibly high 69% APY.

All of this will be available on the 9inch DEX and farm yielding platform, and poor pleb will no longer be zero utility but will have a chance to reach new heights. When things catch fire, the whales will be angry that they couldn’t get in for free like the poor plebs did. Now they’ll need to buy in to get the APY and pump everyone’ else’s bag, so things have reversed.

9inch is currenty going through a sacrifice phase and testing on the Sepolia testnet.


The Plebifesto, embodied by PoorPleb, brings a fresh perspective to the cryptocurrency world. By prioritizing fair distribution and diversity of participants from different meme projects, it shifts the narrative of the rich getting richer and empowers the underdogs of the crypto world. The PoorPleb ($PP) token challenges the status quo and levels the playing field for all participants. With their launch on 9inch and an incredible 69% APY, the poor will have a chance to multiply their wealth and stop being poor. With the virality of the meme coins and the high staking rewards, $PP may cause some disruption in space.

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