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by starburst
May 25, 2023

PulseCheck token contract address checker to avoid scams

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The crypto space is anarchic. With great freedom comes great responsibility, but also threats, and that’s why users have been bombarded with scams. PulseChain launched, and many are disoriented on the new network with new contract addresses. Even the most experienced can fall for a scam or simply make a mistake if the contract address they interact with isn’t the intended one. Here we show why it’s important to check addresses and how to do it.

PulseChain network

PulseChain is a new network and a copy of Ethereum. All Ethereum smart contracts have been copied to PulseChain; however, they have different addresses, which causes confusion for those who don’t know how to deal in a multichain environment. 

When users switch from Ethereum to PulseChain, they won’t see their tokens. The only thing they will see will be some dust PLS. On Ethereum, they may have HEX or MAXI, but it will be invisible in their wallet connected to PulseChain until they add a token. Where should they be looking for them, and how can they be sure if it’s the right contract address?

PulseCheck and the PRC-20 token scanner are here to help users find their tokens on PulseChain. 

“PulseCheck finds for you the accurate contract addresses for any asset that has passed through the bridge. connects directly to the bridge contracts on both Ethereum and PulseChain to bring 100% accurate results. No more relying on a random list a stranger made online. Link out straight to the block explorer to even further verify,” writes Tanto Nomini, creator of the service and the founder of MaximusDAO.

It’s enough to pick the contract address from and paste it in the empty field on PulseCheck.

Here’s an example on how to do this with HEX.

The app will spit out the corresponding contract address on PulseChain for you. Then you pick that address and import it into your MetaMask or another wallet to view the token.  

There’s also the sacrifice checker for all those who sacrificed for PulseChain and want to check how many PLS they have on PulseChain. 

There’s also a PRC-20 token scanner to find all the tokens you have on PulseChain. Sometimes you may not remember the composition of your wallet if you haven’t imported token contracts, so this tool will find all of them for you. Some blatant scams have been eliminated from the list to protect PulseChain users from interacting with them.

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