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December 16, 2021

PulseChain Price Prediction

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Will PulseChain launch at 0.00017? Thoughts…

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Recently with the new release of version 2.0 of PulseChain test net, we are inching closer and closer to the main net launch and all you hear on voice/main chat is “wen moon”, “what’s the launch price?”, “Can Pulse reach $1?”. In this article it’s pure game theory and speculation based on our thoughts.

Here are some PulseChain price prediction voiced in the community;

Launch Price: 0.00017 – 0.00054
3 Months: 20x
6 Months: 70x
12 Months: 300x

PulseChain is a hard fork with the full system state of Ethereum. Being that it has never been done before we can see a lot of hype and volume around and after the launch. PulseChain is very unique in a way compared to other blockchains that launched previously and have done 200x+ on average.

Here’s some stats from previous blockchains:

  • Ethereum – 6 yrs 2858x
  • Matic – 2.5 yrs 1003x
  • Solana – 1.5 yrs 264x
  • Chainlink – 4 yrs 480x
  • Polkastarter – 1 yr 608x
  • Neo – 5 yrs 412x
  • Waves – 3 yrs 229x
  • Theta – 3.5 yrs 146x
  • Tron – 4 yrs 150x
  • Avax – 1.5 yrs 120x

With the stats showing the success of 10+ blockchains with hundreds and some thousands of x’s, we can say here that “history will repeat itself” and PulseChain will be on this list next year! The X factor here is that PulseChain is NOT launching EMPTY like most of the EVM chains mentioned above. In fact, PulseChain is launching with every ERC and NFT on Ethereum, including all the LPs ( liquidity pools ). The volume PulseChain will get in the first 6 months of being LIVE is going to be nuts. We can see thousands of users port over and claim their FREE RPCs.

All PRC holders will have a DEX to trade on – DAY 1 (remember RH said DEX is a MVP-”minimum viable product”.) You’ll see tons of liquidity on PulseX and other DEXs that plan on launching a user interface on PulseChain. That will create a lot of volume and demand just from the start. Three months after launch 10x – 50x is relatively conservative if you ask me. A lot of the other #HexiPuliscans are talking about a PulseChain price prediction day one at 0.003 which would be a 100x – that’s insane, moon boy talk. But hey, you never know – it’s crypto, anything can happen.

Think of it like this… Brand new blockchain + full system state + FREE PRCs + PulseX + Liquidity in Pools = MOON. And that is less than half the reason why PulseChain in my opinion will do 20x in 3 months from the launch price of 0.00017. It’s going to get interesting..

Now let’s talk about HEX a bit, especially because it will benefit directly from the launch of PulseChain. We just watched HEX goto all time highs @ 0.52 during the Pulse Sacrifice Phrase. Then we saw it tank to 0.1323 during the v1 test net. NOW with v2 just announced on Dec 13, 2021, HEX pumped from 0.1332 to 0.23 in 24 hours! Come on’ if that’s not proof that when v3 test net launches HEX will reach all new time highs @ 0.60 in the next 3 months ( and that’s low balling it ).

Let’s go PulseChain!

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