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by CryptoKnight
May 13, 2023

Pulsechain Noob Helper

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Latest News

PulseChain Links

Trade On Pulsechain

Trade Your Assets:

**These are the official bridged Ethereum assets, which hold equivalent value as they do on the Ethereum network

New WPLS on Ethereum: 0xA882606494D86804B5514E07e6Bd2D6a6eE6d68A
OLD WPLS on Ethereum: 0x97Ac4a2439A47c07ad535bb1188c989dae755341

Go to and paste the contract into the swapped token input.

PulseChain Links

Pulsechain Bridge

Pulsechain Faucet

PulseChain Scan explorer

New release! is a different block explorer for #PulseChain. Please use it instead of where you can. Thanks!

By connecting to PulseChain through MetaMask, the network will automatically shift to PulseChain. Click the link to start the process.

PulseX Farms

Participate in PulseX Farms and earn 'inc' tokens as rewards. Click the link to learn how you can start farming.

PulseX Swap

Use PulseX Swap to trade your tokens smoothly and efficiently. It operates similarly to Uniswap, providing a decentralized platform for token swaps.

Run Your Own Node

Interested in running your own PulseChain node? Visit the GitLab repository for detailed instructions on setup and operations.

PulseChain Sacrifice Checker

When transitioning to PulseChain, use the PulseChain Sacrifice Checker tool to ensure all your tokens are added to MetaMask.

Check Gas Cost on PulseChain Mainnet

When transacting on PulseChain, it's important to check the current gas prices on the PulseChain Mainnet using GasNow.

Scan For Your PulseChain Tokens

adding all your tokens to metamask helps to find copies

official PLSX Buy and Burn

Select LPs to Buy and Burn PLSX

Buy and Burn stats

PulseChain is a faster, cheaper fork of Ethereum. PulseX is the primary DEX of PulseChain. Here are live, easy to understand PulseChain & PulseX statistics

How to speed up or cancel a pending transaction

How to get rid or speed up stuck trasaction on ETH or Pulsechain

Who Are We?

As members of the PulseChain community, mission is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible.
We did the research for you providing top quality information, tools, news and updates about PulseChain, HEX and PulseX

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