by HowToPulse Team
March 14, 2022

Pulsechain Marketing Campaign Stats

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Latest News

The past few months we’ve been running ads to promote Pulsechain adoption, sponsored by donations from community members. We believe the biggest incentive for people to come to Pulsechain is the airdrop, like Richard always saying. That’s why we targeted people which are directly interested in free crypto airdrops.


First, we found the two biggest crypto airdrops sites in the market, these are:


Let’s go over some stats of both of the websites:

We managed to secure Front page ads on both, sending users directly to a landing page with in-depth explanation about the airdrop.

These ads have been running since December and still there.


Now, let’s talk some stats. Here are the exact statistics from Google Analytics for Jan 13-19.

As you can see, we got 4965 New Unique Users in 7 days from the airdrops sites to our page with an average of 1 minute and 26 seconds per session! That means these people actually read the page and got informed about the airdrop.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting new users and adoption is great, but you have to keep the prices reasonable to be able to scale. We’re spending only $2,480 to keep these ads for 7 days. That means we paid $2,480 to get 4,965 new users exposed to Pulsechain. 

Cost Per User = $0.50 

What Else?

Other than these ads, we also got Homepage ads on and Press Releases and articles on bunch of Crypto blogs all over the internet. 

Here’s the homepage ad on (#1 on Google if you search “Crypto News”, pretty massive eh?).

Some more articles we published on major crypto sites:

What's Next?

As you can see, we believe much more in direct marketing. We keep working on securing ads on more and more big media sites. While it’s quite challenging with all the gatekeepers, we still manage to find the ones who agree to take our money. 

Who Are We?

As members of the PulseChain community, mission is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible.
We did the research for you providing top quality information, tools, news and updates about PulseChain, HEX and PulseX

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