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Project Overview
by HowToPulse Team
May 16, 2022

Maximus DAO – PulseChain Project Overview

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Maximus DAO


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Token ticker: MAXI

Total supply: 294,316,334.767 MAXI It is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on a secondary market. Every MAXI gets copied to PulseChain as a PRC-20.


Maximus DAO is a trustless and open-source smart contract facilitating the pooling of a maximum length HEX stake. On May 1st, 2022 individuals who decided to pledge their HEX to the Maximus DAO contract, pooled their funds together and took advantage of the Bigger Pays Better and Longer Pays Better bonuses creating the first Maximus DAO 5555 HEX stake. It gives users the ability to hold and trade a share of a top 5 HEX stake with a total number of 294,323,603. The stake can’t be ended before the end term. There will never be any new pools getting the same T-share rate. 

Maximus DAO stake was created on HEX day 880 and will end on HEX day 6435 on 17 Jul 2037. 

The MAXI token represents this DAO which is backed by the treasury.

The treasury contains 42,104.4380 T-shares and an estimated 1,169,450,765,728 HDRN claimed with a 4x bonus multiplier. Hedron rewards HEX stakers with HDRN token. At the time of writing the treasury value is $40,404,751 and MAXI trades at $0.239 market value and a 70.7% premium over HEX. 1 T-share in a Maximus DAO pool will equal always 6690 MAXI. This means that by buying MAXI the user gets to own cheap T-shares while earning a maximum yielding rate and the added benefits of this first Maximus DAO stake. In comparison, 1 T-share in HEX costs 21,765 HEX.

At the end of the stake, MAXI holders will be able to redeem their share of HEX (principal investment + the interest earned) and HDRN based on: 

TVL in treasury / total token supply * your token count.


Instant Liquidity – user is not limited by max length HEX stake terms because MAXI can be traded instantly so the user can sell his entire share or its portion. The user is not penalized for selling the stake or its part.

Maximum Yield – Maximus provides the maximum yield of a 5555 day stake with all the bonuses coming from BPB and LPB. 

Gas Fee Savings – it’s been calculated that to end a 5555 it will be needed on average 1 ETH of gas fees. This limits the ability of many users to utilize HEX as a high-growth savings product because gas fees are charged per transaction and are not based on the value of the transaction. By pooling funds together, Maximus creates just one end stake gas fee instead of one fee for each staker. 

Market Utility – MAXI can be traded on the market while, at the same time, earning HEX interest from the maximum length stake. It can be used as a liquidity provider. 


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