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Project Overview
by HowToPulse Team
May 15, 2022 – Pulsechain Project Overview

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Token ticker: LOVE

LOVE supply is 500 Billion

Sacrifice is closed but took place: 1 – 31 May 2022; Every 1$ receives 4000 LOVE (2000 LOVE ERC-20 and 2000 LOVE PRC-20). Participants in the sacrifice for LOVE can send BTC/ETH/HEX/USDT and many others. After the sacrifice phase, 1 billion LOVE will be distributed to 1000 influencers on the Lovefy platform.


LOVE has 3 second block times on PulseChain and has very low transaction fees. Sitting on PulseChain means that the token is environmentally friendly.

LOVE aims to gain value through a rapid and worldwide network effect. According to Metcalfe’s law, the value of a crypto asset depends on the utility and size of the network. This is why Love aims at blitzscaling social networks through the incentives given to the influencers and users and especially by invoking love with each transaction a user makes. 

The market value of a cryptocurrency is based on the number of users that utilize the monetary instrument and the overall adoption rate of the currency. 

LOVE tokens can be exchanged in private messages on different social media like Instagram, Facebook, and platforms like YouTube and many others. It can be earned or spent by sending it to an address or by using MobilePay which connects Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners to fiat. LOVE can be staked or saved in the wallet. 

A built-in Automated Market Maker (AMM) Swap functionality ensures that LOVE can be exchanged for any fiat currency. An important aspect of LOVE is that there’s no need to have a bank account to receive the token. The user is then able to spend LOVE wherever it’s accepted or by converting it to any cryptocurrency or fiat currency in the Lovefy wallet.

Use cases:

  • Staking – users who stake LOVE are called “Love Makers”
  • Microtipping and donations to influencers and streamers through QR codes and peer-to-peer wallet addresses
  • Mrcrotipping the artists and content creators – LOVE can be stored or minted in support of your favourite NFT artists and content creators. 
  • Cashback & loyalty rewards – users get LOVE in cashback and loyalty rewards for buying products on the Lovefy marketplace. It’s a global influencer and social shopping search engine currently with a database of over 1 million influencers in 89 countries. 
  • Monetary gifts sent via social media apps like WeChat
  • Incentivisation, engagement, micropayments, cross-promotion, partnerships, referral commissions, and more


Nothing in this article or website is financial or taxation advice. For advice on these matters, please contact a registered professional adviser.

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