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by CryptoKnight
March 24, 2023

How To Stake Your LP Token on PulseX

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PulseX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on PulseChain and a fork of the popular Uniswap V2 exchange. It’s currently the most liquid automated market maker (AMM). It enables people to exchange PRC-20 tokens, add liquidity, stake them, and farm them for incentive token INC. Learn how farming works and how to put your liquidity pool to work.

What is farming on PulseX

Farming on PulseX means staking your liquidity pool token (PLP) in order to harvest passive income in the form of INC incentive tokens. Learn first how liquidity pools work and  how to provide liquidity to a liquidity pool (LP), and then, once you have your PLP token, start farming it. 

Here’s what Richard Heart has to say about providing liquidity and farming:

This is how you farm on PulseX: Farming Page

STEP 1: 

Visit: PulseX Farms and connect your wallet

STEP 2: 

Click ‘Stake LP’

You’ll get a pop-up to confirm your amount. Select how many PLSX-PLS PLP token you want to stake. 

Click ‘Confirm’ , metamask will open, confirm the transaction. 

You’ll be redirected back to this page, you can see how many ‘INC’ tokens you’ve earned. Once you are ready to ‘harvest’ your INC token, visit PulseX Farm and click ‘Harvest’

To check your accumulated INC rewards, navigate to the Earn > Farms section of PulseX DEX and view the number of “INC” tokens you have earned. If you wish, you may proceed to harvest them.

What is INC token

INC is nothing else than an incentive token. When you farm a pair of tokens that you added to a LP, you earn INC, which can be harvested and then sold on the market for another token. You could sell INC for the token that you already farm and add it to the LP to increase your share of the fee pool. 

INC has no other utility other than being an incentive to farm. Instead of paying liquidity providers in the same tokens that the liquidity has been provided for, they are paid in INC, and this has the scope to protect the price of the tokens in the pool as they aren’t unnecessarily inflated for this reason and dumped on the holders. To harvest larger amounts of INC, users need to stake PLPs for a longer period of time.

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