by Lank
December 5, 2021

How To Sacrifice ETH from Exodus Wallet

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 “Sacrificed ETH from Exodus”. In order to keep the reply to this statement within the scope of this essay, several assumptions will be made. Those assumptions are: 

1. Used the desktop version of Exodus Wallet; 

2. The sacrifice was made to the PulseChain (PLS) sacrifice address and not sent to SENS Foundation sacrifice address; and 

3. As the statement implies, will receive his/her PLS once MainNet occurs and the PLS airdrops are made? 

As always this post is not intended to be financial advice, all responsibility should do their own research (DYOR). The intent of this post is for educational purposes, information contained herein are to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of this writing. 

Exodus is a Defi Wallet that was founded in 2015 with the intent of creating a user-friendly wallet for entry level users of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) crypto assets. Since inception Exodus has developed a suite of products that include Desktop and Mobile versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. At the time of this writing the Wallets accommodate between 150 to 157 unique BTC and ETH based crypto assets. The Exodus products are updated frequently, there have currently been over 200 product updates.  

The ERC20 coin ETH is among the 157 coins supported by Exodus Wallets. This means that holders of ETH in an Exodus Wallet were able to sacrifice ETH to the sacrifice address of PLS to make a political statement. These, like all other sacrifices, we’re made without the expectation of any return. The sacrifice phase of PLS is currently closed. There appears to be no current provision made by the Founders and Operators of Exodus to accommodate the receipt, storage nor trading of PLS tokens. A review of the Wallet reveals that the function for adding Crypto Assets to the wallets of users does not appear to allow for the adding of PLS Tokens. I vaguely recall a note on the sacrifice page of PLS stating that sacrifices should not be made from Exodus Wallets. Once PLS goes MainNet, Exodus Wallets users can attempt to add the PLS symbol to their wallets, this will give the definitive answer to the question of  whether or not Exodus Wallets support the PLS Blockchain. Note that within the Exodus Wallet there is a list of 157 supported crypto assets, this list does not include PLS nor does the information of Exodus’ website mention current support of or intent of future support for the PLS blockchain. 

It appears that although Exodus Wallets are Defi, support over 157 crypto assets, and are very user friendly they do not support the PLS Token at this time. This may mean that sacrifices of ETH from Exodus will not receive an airdrop of PLS when the chain goes MainNet.  The recourse for these investors to get into PLS is to purchase tokens when PLS goes Mainnet.  As usual, Caveat Emptor, or said in Crypto terms DYOR!

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