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by starburst
June 2, 2023

How to claim HEX on PulseChain and Ethereum

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Creating HEX stakes and getting yield for delayed gratification is the main feature of the protocol. Users can time-lock their tokens on but in a decentralized world more than one front end is needed just in case the website suffers a downtime. Here we’ll show you how to access and claim your stakes through web app.

How to access your HEX stake

  • Go to and press Launch App in the upper right corner.
  • Connect your wallet
    We write here a general method of claiming your stake; however when you will switch from Ethereum to PulseChain or vice versa, it’s possible that you may encounter some connectivity issues. We show below how to deal with them.
  • Go to the HEX tab where you’ll be able to view your HEX stake and the yield that comes with it. You can also see the price of one T-share and the quantity of HDRN tokens you can have for free. Read more about Hedron. Native HEX stakes earn daily yield in HEX as well as the ability to mint HDRN for each day the HEX stake has served.
    Depending on whether you created HSI stakes or if you claimed HDRN with your Native HEX stakes, you’ll see the dashboard differently. On the screenshot below, you can see that the HEX stake is native and it holds the rights to free HDRN tokens which can be minted. Before you end the HEX stake, remember to mint HDRN tokens first otherwise you’ll lose them once the HEX stake is ended.
  • Press MINT ALL or ACTIONS to mint your free HDRN tokens
    Input the amount you want to mint. Do the maximum amount if you’re about to end your HEX stake. Once you mint HDRN you can stake it to earn ICSA tokens however this is out of scope of this guide.
  • Once you minted HDRN, you can now go to ACTIONS and END STAKE your HEX. The screenshot below shows a stake that is not completed that’s why the red message is visible. We’ll wait for this stake to arrive to maturity before ending it.

Claim HEX stake on PulseChain

Your HEX stakes and liquid tokens have been copied over to PulseChain, and you now have them on both chains: Ethereum and PulseChain.

When you switch the network from Ethereum to PulseChain in your MetaMask, you’ll be able to see all your holdings on the web app. They should reflect what you had on Ethereum.

Sometimes you may encounter wallet connectivity issues, and here’s how to deal with them.

When you switch to Pulsechain, you may not get connected automatically to the web app.

Go to your MetaMask and see if the dot on the left side of your account name is green.

If it isn’t, then press on it. Then connect the wallet of your choice.

You’ll see that you aren’t yet connected, though, because the web app won’t show you any balances.

Reload the page and press “Connect wallet” in the right upper corner.

That will do the trick, and now you’ll see your HEX stakes. Claim them by following the instructions in this article.


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