Where & How to buy Pulsechain?

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Looking where to buy pulsechain? trying to figre out how to buy pulsechain? well the truth is..

You can NOT buy Pulsechain yet ***(as of time writing this article)***

People trying to sell you Pulsechain (PLS) right now are all Scammers. There are multiple ERC20 scam tokens named PLS. Do NOT buy those!

Mainnet is due to launch in the next two months ***(End of 2021).***

When PulseChain launches mainnet automated market markers will provide liquidity for PLS token. Rumor has it, that Richard Heart is forking Uniswap v2 to facility all trades on the PulseChain.

Richard Heart decided to let sacrifice phase of Pulsechain time before launch continue instead of stopping it after 17 days.

Those that participate in the sacrifice phase of time before launch of Pulsechain do so to prove in a political act how strongly they feel that blockchain is a protected speech & protected speech is a civil right. They expect nothing for this act, but have heard that the founder(s) of Pulsechain have planned to give an airdrop under the following possible math to those that sacrificed certain crypto in appreciation of this solidarity.

NOTE Launch of PLS has NOT occurred yet.

You cannot buy PLS

Sacrifice of certain named crypto started July 15, [email protected] 4:50UTC when the price of PLS if an airdrop occurs was $1 for 10,000 PLS. The price increases by 5% every day …So Oct 13, 2021 at 4:50 UTC is day 90
Price increased 5% each day for 90 days – do the calculation


Amount PLS for $1 sacrifice =
10,000 ÷ (1.05^number of days after July 15, 2021)

^ means “to the power of”

This means every about 20 days after July 15, 2021 the amount of PLS potentially airdropped at Pulsechain launch for $1 sacrificed decreases by about 2/3

  • Day 20 = 3773 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 40 = 1420 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 60 = 535 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 80 = 201 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 100 = 76 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 200 = 0.58 PLS for $1 sacrifice
  • Day 300 = 0.0044 PLS for $1 sacrifice

At launch any airdrop might receive 1 PLS for every 1 ETH owned in a single signature wallet like Ledger or Metamask ETH on centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase is owned by exchange in a multisignature wallet & will likely be excluded as will coins on Mt Gox & some spam coins

So roughly now, on Oct 13, 2021, you MIGHT receive at PLS launch for a small sacrifice. About 124 PLS for every dollar sacrificed instead of 10,000 PLS for every dollar sacrificed if sacrificed on July 15, 2021

At launch if price ETH is $5000 Then for every $1 you have in ETH You might receive 0.0002 PLS at a rate of 1 PLS for 1 ETH airdrop.

So it still may be advantageous to sacrifice instead of buying PLS after launch or receiving PLS by airdrop for your ETH at launch.

However, God knows what the price of PLS will be 1 week after launch

Once mainnet launches you can buy on uniswap fork native to the pulsechain mainnet. Exchanges TBD. There will be an bridge from Eth to pulse. You can late sacrifice but the rate is really low. You are better off to buy at launch.

Do not believe to anyone trying to show you how or where to buy Pulsechain. 


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Who Are We?

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