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by starburst
August 2, 2023

How to buy and sell HEX

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Buying HEX was always somewhat difficult because it’s listed solely on decentralised exchanges and some centralised exchanges like MEXC, Poloniex, or Bitget. Since the SEC charged Richard Heart  with running unregistered securities offerings and funds misappropriation, it has become even more challenging to buy HEX. Here we show where and how to buy or sell HEX.

The background

On July 31st, the SEC cited Uniswap as the protocol through which people could trade HEX. Uniswap has its headquarters in New York, and that is why the SEC and the New York District Court decided to claim jurisdiction over the case. 

At the same time, MetaMask blocked people in certain locations from using the token through their wallet. Users trying to trade HEX on Uniswap are greeted with a message: “You can’t trade this token using the Uniswap App”. MetaMask, on the other hand, welcomes users with red triangle alert signs and a “No quotes available” message. 

Richard Heart and the HEX community were the first to promote Uniswap to the crypto community. Within three years, it became the largest DEX with 52.38 billion in volume and 46.1% market share across multiple blockchains. It is now the first DEX to take down one of the top-trading tokens. 

Having headquarters in Brooklyn and being obliged to accept control from the SEC means that they’re decentralised in name only. A decentralised protocol is one that has no admin keys and can’t be controlled by anyone. 

Despite the challenges, HEX can still be traded on other decentralised platforms like:

It’s also possible to buy and sell HEX on centralised exchanges like:

  • MEXC
  • Poloniex
  • BitGet
  • CoinTiger
  • YoBit

How to buy HEX

2. Connect your wallet

3. Choose HEX

4. Insert the number of HEX you want to buy

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

How to buy HEX on PulseChain

You can also buy HEX on PulseChain. You will need some PLS to pay for the gas and you can get it by doing a cross swap.

1. Go to GoPulse and buy some PLS with ETH. You will need to go to your wallet and change the network to PulseChain to receive your PLS to the address youwill paste into the field.

2. Once you have some PLS go go to and switch your network from Ethereum to PulseChain to buy HEX on PulseChain.

Alternatively, you can use PulseX to easily swap PLS for HEX. 

Read our guide on how to use PulseX

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