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May 19, 2022 – Pulsechain Project Overview

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The barrier to entry into the crypto universe is far too high. is reducing it to a minimum: new users only need a Metamask wallet to claim their free PLS in order tor experience the PulseChain. It’s the perfect onboarding tool: no personal information, KYC, AML, complex registration processes or withdrawal problems. 


Token name: Free Pulse

Token ticker: FP

Supply:  777,000,000 FP, fixed supply that may become deflationary upon FP burning


Freepulse is a giving machine. It makes PLS rain to your wallet at every press of the button. Right now, though, it’s a worthless PLS on testnet, tPLS. Freepulse was made to increase PulseChain adoption and through its referral program and the giveaway, it saw a huge engagement. Anyone can go and play the minigame by pressing a button and get tPLS to use them on testnet for staking for validators, providing liquidity, and trying other PulseChain projects.

The adoption of a new blockchain was always a problem. It’s very difficult to onboard new users from the crypto community and it’s much harder to get new users who have never touched crypto. By giving away free tokens and making them use on a testnet, Freepulse wants people to learn about PulseChain and Metamask so that when the mainnet launches, everyone is ready to use their PLS.

How does it work

Freepulse is a faucet that is not audited and not open source. The team claims it doesn’t need the audit since it’s just a faucet on a testnet. People connect their Metamask or Coinbase wallet and play a minigame that randomly gives away to every user some tPLS once per hour. On their minigame page, they write you can claim up to $200 of free PLS every hour. Why there’s a claim or a dedication phase? It’s because you cannot buy PLS tokens just yet.

If the user refers someone through a referral code then he obtains 50% of free claims and 1% of all bets of the referred person. Forever. 

Large holders can create their Promo code to promote their brand by giving away tPLS. tPLS is created as balance once the Promo code is inserted in a chat with the Support team.

The Promo code and the giveaway created this way serve as an additional adoption amplifier.

The dedication phase

The dedication phase is going to launch after the PulseChain mainnet release and it will last one week. During this phase, the users will send ETH, HEX, PLS, PLSX, eUSDC, USDL, and perhaps also other coins. A 2x volume bonus will apply to large dedications and a set of people with the most dedications may be eligible for a share of additional airdrops of the 77M FP pool.

Two dedication pools have already opened and users can send tokens to get FP. Freepulse claims that pools are what bring advantage to the users because they get a mathematical advantage by participating with others.

There are three dedication pools opened. Free Carpet Ride,, and HexPulseRadio. At the time of writing these pools accumulated $358,871.

What is a FreePulse (FP) token

FP token on PulseChain is like a share in the company. It has a fixed supply of 777,000,000 units. It’s a 9 lines code that has no admin keys, no timelocks, no fees or taxes, and it can’t be censored as it runs on the PulseChain. 

Whoever sacrifices ETH, HEX, PLS, PLSX, eUSDC, USDL or other tokens during the dedication phase gets FP tokens which may provide them some advantages like influence in governance, lower house edge, and the possibility to claim more PLS each hour, or claim them more frequently, or some additional airdrops. 

The token has no value but in the future, it may have some great features. If Freepulse becomes a DAO, the whales with over 5M FP may have the opportunity to start a vote on changing the features of the protocol.

In this beta phase, Freepulse is currently experimenting with a 3% house edge on mini-games. An equal proportion of FP from bets goes to the daily lottery, to referrals, and another one remains as “revenue”. The revenue can be destined for.

  • buybacks to be burned afterwards and make FP token deflationary, 
  • freeclaims to ensure that the faucet will always stay open, 
  • to cover server costs and marketing. 

The buybacks and subsequent burns have a scope of reducing the supply of the token, increasing its scarcity, and improving upward price performance.

Freepulse wants to create a vanity PulseChain address (0x7070707070…) and a vanity address for FP Treasury (0x7171717171…) to make them immediately identifiable. Number 7 has a specific meaning in symbolism and numerology.

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