by Lank
January 1, 2022

Crypto is Irreversible – Sometimes…

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Latest News

HowToPulse has a story for you!

Let’s get started by saying Happy New Years and thank you everyone for your support!
On Dec-30-2021 01:52:21 AM +UTC, HowToPulse donation address received 2.07 Ether ($7,773.40) by accident from a PulseChain community member that was trying to sac to They quickly realized that the sac address was not the official PulseX address and immediately reached out to us via our website contact form!

On Dec-31-2021 HowToPulse verified the wallet and the owner by having the wallet send another transaction to verify it was he/she account. And they did!

Additional Verification Transaction

HowToPulse team quickly responded by sending the 2.07 Ether back to the owner being that it was a mistake and we were able to verify the wallet.

See returned funds

It’s rare to see crypto getting returned to the user that sent it by accident. 99.999999% of the time, consider your money LOST!

Being that the HowToPulse team is dedicated to the PulseChain, HEX, and PulseX community we were quickly able to verify and return the funds.

Always, triple check the send/receive addresses when sending large transaction. 

Marketing Expenditure

Here we describe how we use the funds you have kindly donated for the purpose of marketing PulseChain. We will update this table regularly, but you can also view our transactions on chain (scroll to top).

31 Dec 2021

Refunded to donor, 0xa8d7e2E0924F106829C87f7F710E8Ee83Eeb4Ba7, at their request

Txn hash: 0x9a003319ab65fe367fca4f355efa8cf194aab46560789ff2f8173eafa86adbf2

2.0715 Eth

Who Are We?

As members of the PulseChain community, mission is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible.
We did the research for you providing top quality information, tools, news and updates about PulseChain, HEX and PulseX

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