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by CryptoKnight
May 17, 2023

Bridged Contract Addresses

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Latest News

PulseChain is a groundbreaking blockchain project initiated by Richard Heart, designed to provide enhanced scalability and cost-effectiveness for decentralized applications (DApps) and transactions

PulseChain features a bridge that facilitates seamless interoperability between PulseChain and Ethereum, enabling the transfer of assets and data between the two networks.

Watch the PulseChain Bridge deposits in real-time: 

Bridged from Ethereum to PulseChain:

Add the token contracts to your wallet, if you want the tokens to show balances. Be careful not to confuse forked stablecoins (not redeemable) with bridged (redeemable) stablecoin.

Wrapped Ether From Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

WETH: 0x02DcdD04e3F455D838cd1249292C58f3B79e3C3C

DAI Stablecoin From Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

DAI: 0xefD766cCb38EaF1dfd701853BFCe31359239F305

USD Coin from Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

USDC: 0x15d38573d2feeb82e7ad5187ab8c1d52810b1f07

Tether USD from Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

USDT: 0x0cb6f5a34ad42ec934882a05265a7d5f59b51a2f

HEX from Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

HEX: 0x57fde0a71132198bbec939b98976993d8d89d225

WPLS from Ethereum on PulseChain [BRIDGED]

WPLS: 0xA1077a294dDE1B09bB078844df40758a5D0f9a27

Bridged from PulseChain to Ethereum:

WPLS from PulseChain on Ethereum [BRIDGED]

WPLS: 0x97Ac4a2439A47c07ad535bb1188c989dae755341

PLSX from PulseChain on Ethereum [BRIDGED]

PLSX: 0x4AC429A7cdf2b533E2c0cFF1b017F2c344E864e2

HEX from PulseChain on Ethereum [BRIDGED]

HEX: 0x46F6e9BbcCe8638b20EBBC83D33a2B5bfA9B7894

These are the contract address for Ethereum tokens bridge from to PulseChain and vice versa. Add the token contracts to your wallet on the proper network if you want the tokens to show in your wallet.

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